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UM & sustainability

'A caring and sustainable university’ is the subtitle of our Strategic Programme 2022-2026. Sustainability has long been a core value of Maastricht University, and it will be increasingly important in the near future. UM wants to integrate sustainability in the DNA of the entire organisation and make a substantial contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The programme Sustainable UM2030 facilitates the integration of sustainability into UM. 

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Stories & interviews

Here you will find a collection of interesting stories and interviews.  

  In response to the societal challenges surrounding climate change, Maastricht University is sharpening its partner agreements. Read the full statement here. 


Maastricht Sustainability Institute Hosts Presentation and Network day to close of Integrated Sustainability Projects
 Sustainability: priced or prized?
 "With our scale, we can really make a difference
 Climate Fresk at UM: join the conversation about climate change
 “Feeling” Global Sustainability Issues: Use AR and VR to dive into World-wide Value Networks in Agriculture
 Decoding the entanglement: what supply chain managers think about resilience and sustainability?
 Reflecting on Earth Day: Exploring Sustainability, Circular Economies, and Climate Change Solutions
 What are the green claims of companies based on?
 Breaking Down the Bias: Unpacking the Complexity of Sustainable Choices in Packaging

 Maastricht University joins The Erasmus+ ECOffee Project On Sustainable Coffee Consumption
 Sustainable Value Addition in the Global South – A Comparative Case Study of the Cocoa Value Chain in Ghana


 Sponsorship of iGEM MSP-Maastricht
 Sustainable and Resilient Energy
 Citizens can do more for a better climate than they think
 Return on home insulation is so high that subsidies are largely unnecessary
 Maastricht University starts new research line on cellular agriculture
 Solving world issues through food
 Smallholders at the End of the Supply Chain: Fair Carbon Payments for Carbon Farmers in the Global South
 "Sustainability reporting: panacea or pacifier?"
 Companies do often not live up to their sustainable hallmark
 Sustainability courses are booming
 MSI looks back at another year of successful student sustainability projects with regional clients
 UM is taking steps to integrate sustainability into core course curricula
  Large-scale study of sustainable employability of firefighters
 The new old plastic will soon come from Geleen
 MSI: frontrunner in sustainability
 Sustainability goes beyond “the green stuff”
 Turning down the thermostat a few degrees: good for the climate, your body and your wallet


 A more sustainable economy? Make way for challengers!
 A new life for eggshells
 Willem Overbosch and the ‘sweet jar’ called Australia
 Mark Post's mission: cultured meat
 “How sustainable is it? That is the question”


 Working together to build new circular value chains
 Sustainability goes beyond “the green stuff”
  Science and the oil industry: an intimate relationship
 Small change, big impact
 Maastricht University invests in solar park. "We want to be a sustainable employer".
 Digital and sustainable supply chain innovation


 Precious Plastic Maastricht – the potential of waste
 Saxifragelisticexpialidocious! Of gardens green and grey
 GECCO – not preaching but doing sustainability

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News & press releases 

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  • "I am proud that our new Circular Plastics group published its first completely in-house research," Kim Ragaert says. She founded the research group three years ago, when she moved to Maastricht. Her work has laid the foundations for many innovations in the field of plastic recycling, and she is...

  • The recently launched Regional Transition Platform aims to help accelerate sustainability transitions in the region. The platform focuses mainly on knowledge exchange in a participatory setting. Experiential knowledge of the Maastricht municipality is linked to the academic knowledge of Maastricht...

  • The UM Green Office supported the FASoS, SBE, and Law Green Teams these past several weeks during their 3 Sustainability Days. While recapping the 3 previous days, we invite students and employees from all faculties to consider attending our remaining 3 days with FPN, FSE, and FHML and our...

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  • Climate change, depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution... Consciously and unconsciously, we burden future generations with problems because we created a mess. But, how can you consciously take this into account if this group has no rights?

  • On 2 April 2022, the Dutch government launched the “Zet ook de knop om” campaign to encourage households and businesses to save energy with practical tips. Maastricht University has responded to the government's call, yielding positive results!

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Student in common room

A sustainable university

Maastricht University believes a sustainable world can be achieved by using research to accelerate innovation, by focusing on education to share knowledge and change mindsets, and especially by leading by example. Read more about sustainable research and education at UM below.

In addition, discover UM's Strategic Programme 2022-2026 for more information on sustainability and UM's ambitions and overarching vision for the coming five years. Read, among other things, which Sustainable Development Goals have our special attention, and how sustainability is reflected in our mission and policies.

 Watch the full strategic programme 2022-2026 here.


Sustainable education

The project Sustainable Education aims to involve the entire academic community in the process of becoming a truly sustainable university by 2030. Therefore, UM offers among others several courses and fulltime programmes on sustainable development and various project activities to further raise the profile of sustainability in education.

Students doing research on plants

Sustainable research

At UM, researchers not only focus on conducting research in a sustainable way, they also focus on sustainable themes as defined by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The project Sustainable UM2030 stimulates UM’s capacity to build a transition towards a more sustainable future. The knowledge that was gained can in turn be used for education and operations at UM. 

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