Disability access Brightlands Smart Services Campus

On this webpage, you can find information about parking spaces, accessibility for wheelchairs, accessible toilets and how to act in case of an evacuation.


In case of emergency, the elevators will be disabled (due to fire hazard). If you need assistance evacuating via the stairs, help is available: our emergency response officers (company emergency responders) will help you to leave the building via the stairwell by means of an Evacuation Mattress or Evac Chair (these are located on level 6).

What to do when the evacuation alarm (slow whoop) goes off:

  • Tell others that you need help, so they can alert an emergency response team member
  • If there is a telephone in your flight area, call +31 (0)6 12 52 16 29 for help
  • Stay in the escape area of ​​the stairwell until the evacuation team arrives