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The University Library supports students and researchers in achieving their academic goals. We offer a modern study and research environment that is available online, 24/7, either on campus or worldwide accessible with your UM account and password.

Supporting your academic goals

Our state-of-the-art locations offer endless possibilities for individual or group study. We also have a considerable collection of academic resources available both online and in print. Our staff of information experts can assist you with any questions you may have about the collection. Our customised training programmes and smart services can help you with your research or studies. We also offer advice on copyrights and publications and strive for sustainable archiving and open access for all research publications.

In an international university like UM, the University Library is the place to be. Visible, distinctive and inviting. Below you will find a selection of our best facilities.

Our library collections: a wealth of academic information

Library facilities

We offer a large collection of books, databases, films, dictionaries and journals in digital and printed form. All of our collections are developed in close consultation with faculty researchers and teachers, which allows us to keep them fully updated and guarantee a wealth of academic information. Besides the modern collections we have special heritage collections. Both are an excellent addition to your study or research.

More information on our Resources page in the Online Library.

Our facilities: a comfortable study experience

Our facilities

Our modern study facilities guarantee a comfortable study experience. Stop by the University Library to find your favourite study spot. Choose a different spot each time, depending on the day’s schedule. 

You can study at eight locations: the Inner City Library, the Randwyck Library (incl. LINK and the Randwyck Computer Facilities), the Tapijn Learning Spaces (at Tapijnkazerne 11 and Loods V), the USC Learning Spaces at the University Sports Centre and the Paul-Henri Spaak Learning Spaces at the Faculty of Science & Engineering. The Learning Spaces are BYOD only. The Inner City and Randwyck locations have plenty of desktops, but you can also use a personal laptop or tablet to study on your own or in a group. Printing, copying and catering facilities are available at or in the vicinity of all locations.

The University Library has extensive opening hours: we are open 7 days a week. As exams approach XXL hours apply. 

More information on the library locations and opening hours.

The digital learning environment: a gateway to education

Maastricht University offers a digital learning environment, with information and tools for students and staff. The library in close cooperation with the faculty support staff hosts this web-based learning environment by providing regular system support and updates.

Students enter course-related content and tools in the digital learning environment via the Student Portal. Teaching and support staff work in the back-end or learning management system (currently Canvas).

The digital learning environment allows students to perform learning activities from remote locations; it gives access to all course materials, including readers, academic publications, presentations, videos, assignments, and exams. It is also the place to communicate and work with students in the tutorial group, e.g. via group pages, emails, wiki posts and peer feedback tools.

UM teaching staff can turn to the library for support on using the current digital learning environment and  additional e-learning tools. 

More information on Teaching staff support

Tailored support for your study programme or research project

As your study or research progresses, the need for support you need may change. We offer training programmes that teach you how to search, analyse, structure and present academic information. We also offer smart services at exactly the right time in your research or study programme. Call on Peer Point when you need help finding information. Have a question or need advice? Ask the information desk or pose your question online using the Ask your librarian tool. 

More information on training programmes and - for advice - the:

  Thesis SupportAll 
  Peer Point 

Facilities for researchers

The University Library helps researchers at various stages in their research. We provide support in writing the data paragraph and the set up of a data management plan as required by funding agencies. We offer training programmes and workshops that help you how to efficiently and effectively collect and store numeric and textual data.

If you are conducting joint research, we offer excellent conferencing facilities for joint collaboration, communication and publication. We are also happy to provide secure storage and archiving solutions for your research data before, during and after your research.

We give advise on (open access) publishing opportunities and impact of your research results.

Once you have published your findings, the library will help you register your publication information and make sure full-text copies are freely accessible on the UM Publications Portal and the UM Profile Pages.

Interested in our other facilities? Visit our special Research Support Portal for more information 

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