Faculty Board

The general management of the faculty is conducted by the Board of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The Faculty Board consists of a dean, an associate dean of research and an associate dean of education.

DeanProf. C. Neuhold
Associate Dean of EducationDr. P. Bijsmans
Associate Dean of ResearchProf. S. Wyatt
AdvisorsManaging director (vacancy)
 M. Gupta (student advisor) 
 Ms Y. Simonis (deputy secretary)

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is an elected council composed of ten members. Of these, four are representatives of the five departments, one is a representative of the support and administrative staff, and five represent the student body. The Faculty Council is a representation body consisting of representatives of the student population, the academic staff and the support and management staff. The council can advise the board, solicited or otherwise, on all faculty affairs and make its positions on educational affairs known.

Council members

Academic personnel Dr. K. Haagsman (Chair)
  Dr. P. del Hierro
  J. Ac
  J. Prinz
Support staff Ms. P. Harbers

M. Sugliano
D. Seijmonsbergen
T. Thi
S. Ward
H. Haligan

Secretary Ms Y. Simonis


Voorplein Hof van tilly

A department contributes to the preparation and implementation of teaching and research. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is made up out of five research departments:

 Department of History
 Department of Literature & Art
 Department of Society Studies
 Department of Political Science
 Department of Philosophy

 List of  FASoS Professors and their chairs

Faculty Office

The Office of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences supports both the primary tasks (i.e. education and research) and the administrative processes. The office is led by a managing director (Dr. C. Streefland).


Educational Programme Committees (PC)

PC Bachelor Arts and Culture

  • Chair: J. Prinz
  • Academic staff: P. Del Hierro, J. Weusten
  • Student: S. Jivareh

PC Bachelor European Studies

  • Chair: J. Adriaensen
  • Academic staff:  T. van Overbeke, E. Radulova
  • Students:  A. Shaparenko, M. Sandru

PC Bachelor Digital Society

  • Chair: J. Ward
  • Academic staff: M. Wijermars, C. Rasterhoff
  • Students: F. Gerke, L. Křižová

PC Bachelor Global Studies

  • Chair: R. Ruiter
  • Academic staff: S. Anyango, W. Muller, R. Janssen,  J. van Zijl, K. Mau
  • Students: t.b.d.

Graduate PC Europe (and the Globalising World)

  • Chair: Y. Reykers
  • Academic staff: A. Sierp, A. Dandashly, 
    B. Ditto
  • Student RMES: Vivan Leon
  • Student ES: Brian Alex
  • Student EPA: Matteo Sarais
  • Student GDS: Eugene Sein

Graduate PC Arts and Culture

  • Chair: G. Verbeeck
  • Academic staff: M. Meissner,  E. Steinbock
  • Students: Jamilia Green, Shinaver Wyatt, Wieczorek Wojtek

Graduate PC Media, Technology & Innovation

  • Chair: C. Papdopoulos


  • Academic staff: J. Mesman, J. Lachmund

  • Student CAST: Elena Gomel Cordeiro

  • Student ESST: Sefa Sezgin

  • Student Media Studies, Digital Cultures: Sebastian Sitzmann

Organisational chart

FASoS organogram 2024