A department contributes to the preparation and implementation of teaching and research. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is made up out of five research departments:

 Department of History
 Department of Literature & Art
 Department of Society Studies
 Department of Political Science
 Department of Philosophy

 List of  FASoS Professors and their chairs


Faculty Office

The Office of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences supports both the primary tasks (i.e. education and research) and the administrative processes. The office is led by a managing director (Dr. C. Streefland).


Educational Programme Committees

Programme Committee Bachelor Arts and Culture

  • Chair: P. Peters
  • Academic staff: M. Reithler, P. Stephenson
  • Students: Valerie Wuestinger, Melisa Delphia, Philip Blades

Programme Committee Bachelor European Studies

  • Chair: G. Noutcheva
  • Academic staff:  A. Nastase, D. Meacham
  • Students: Agatha Bourarias, Carlotta Borges, Simone da Ponte

Graduate Programme Committee Europe (and the Globalizing World)

  • ​Chair: A. Spendzharova
  • Academic staff: A. Sierp, T. Blom, E. Fourie
  • Student RMES: Serena Rosadini
  • Student ES: Ilgin Warneke
  • Student EPA: Alma Dangy
  • Student GDS: Lydia Fink

Graduate Programme Committee Arts and Culture

  • Chair: G.. Verbeeck   
  • Academic staff: B. Rulof, V. van Saaze, L. van den Hengel
  • Students ALS/PS: Anais Alvarado, Aline Brosch
  • Students AH/KCE: Zsigmond Berczes, Tündé Walgraef

Graduate Programme Committee Media, Technology and Innovation

  • Academic staff and chair: I. Kamphof
  • Members: C. Mody, J. Lachmund
  • Student CAST: Jenske Bal  
  • Student ESST: Louisa Stupp
  • Student Media Culture: Jean Racines

Organisational chart

Organogram FASoS 2019