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The Faculty of Law at Maastricht University is a top-quality provider of challenging and rewarding Dutch and European legal education at bachelor’s, master’s and PhD-level. A true pioneer in small-scale teaching and teaching of skills aimed at a broad range of future legal professionals.
The clear focus in research on European and international aspects of the law, Law and tech, and the empirical setting in which the law operates, provides an exceptionally stimulating environment for both students and staff. The Faculty greatly values its open, diverse and inclusive community that makes it a pleasant and rewarding place to work and study. 

The UM Faculty of Law offers a wide range of bachelor's and master's programmes. Would you like to know more about our programmes? Download the brochure for more information on the courses, career perspectives and admission requirements of our programmes.

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Law 2021 annual review

With this overview we would like to tell you about what happened last year in the field of education, research and our faculty as a whole.

In our new story of science series, we also look ahead through a window of opportunity for grant recipients Nasrat and Arif and once again we like to show that we are innovative new wind for post-academic education. Furthermore, the review has been supplemented by a fascinating story about how the EU will get on with Poland and in the showcases, we focus on recent developments, events and special achievements of our teaching and research activities.

 Read our Law review 2021

Agenda / events

  • 30 May 20 Jun
    14:00 - 15:30

    MCEL Seminars

    The activities of the centre include regular organisation of academic conferences and workshops, as well as monthly research seminars to which high-level speakers are invited to discuss a specific topic in the field of EU law. 

  • 31 May
    16:00 - 18:00

    Maastricht Foundations of Law Colloquia

    Stijn Smet, Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at Hasselt University - Title: How to build Constitutional Resilience Against Democratic Erosion (by Populists)? 

  • 01 Jun 02 Jun
    13:00 - 18:30

    6th Young European Law Scholars Conference - YELS Conference

    ‘The Future of EU Fundamental Rights' 

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  • 01 Jun 31 Jul
    16:00 - 17:30

    Environmental Law Lecture Series

    This lecture series provides a set of important insights from environmental law scholars on how EU environmental law helps to achieve the aim of a high level of environmental protection in the European Union and across the world.

  • 07 Jun 23 Jun
    11:00 - 12:30

    Globalization & Law Network Seminar Series

    The Globalization & Law Network is composed by a group of researchers of Maastricht University, coming from different backgrounds, who study the role that law plays in a globalizing society from a holistic perspective.

  • 12 Jun 13 Jun
    10:00 - 12:30

    Symposium Virtual Criminal Trials

    The aimed output of the symposium is to create the forum for setting up a future research agenda and create opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaboration amongst multidsciplinary experts in thie field.

  • 14 Jun
    09:30 - 17:15

    Globalized crime and criminal justice: European and international criminal law perspectives

    This conference aims to compare and critically assess the developments in European Criminal Law and International Criminal Law. The conference sets out to analyse differences and similarities with regard to a variety of different aspects of criminal justice in a globalized world. It seeks to zoom in on the similarities and differences of both supranational legal orders and to discuss a variety of questions spanning from the prosecution of serious international crimes, to issues of substantive and procedural criminal law and cooperation in criminal matters. The conference aims to bring together experts from academia and practitioners from both European as well as international criminal law to discuss challenges and opportunities of today.

  • 16 Jun
    09:30 - 18:00

    Conference “Law, Change, and Time in the Age of Cognitive Sciences” 

    On 16 June 2023, the LACS conference on “Law, Change, and Time in the Age of Cognitive Sciences” will take place in Maastricht (NL).

  • 20 Jun 27 Oct
    09:00 - 17:00

    ICON-S BENELUX Chapter Inaugural Conference

    Crises, Challenges, and the Future of Public Law

    The newly founded ICON-S Benelux Chapter will organize its Inaugural Conference on 26-27 October 2023. The conference will take place in Maastricht (NL), hosted by Maastricht University - Faculty of Law, with a fully in-person program of panels and keynote sessions. The overarching theme of the conference is Crises, Challenges, and the Future of Public Law.

  • 22 Jun 23 Jun
    09:00 - 17:00


    Sustainable & Digital Competition on the Merits:  A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Perspective


  • 23 Jun
    10:00 - 16:00

    Graduation Ceremonies

    Graduation Ceremonies for Masters


  • 26 Jun 30 Jun

    CLEER Summer School 2023

    8th CLEER Summer School on the Law of EU External Relations

  • 04 Sep 15 Sep
    09:00 - 18:00

    Cursos de Postgrado en Derecho Tributario Internacional y Europeo 2023

    Tax Law Courses in Spanish, location Brussels.

    information only available in Spanish

  • 05 Oct 06 Oct

    17th GREIT Conference

    We are excited to announce that the Group for Research on European and International Taxation (GREIT) will hold its conference “National (Tax) Autonomy and the European Union: Revival or Demise?” on 5 and 6 October 2023 at Maastricht University.

  • 17 Nov

    ITEM Annual Conference 2023

    The next ITEM Annual Conference will take place in cooperation with Province of South Holland and Kings Commissioner Jaap Smit, on Friday 17 November 2023 in The Hague. You are cordially invited!

    We hope to see you at the Annual Conference 2023.


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