Maastricht Research Based Learning @LAW


The MaRBLe programme offers selected students the possibility to participate in research-based learning. The aim is to have you learn about conducting research and acquire new substantive knowledge by actually doing research. In other words, MaRBLe projects have a hands-on approach: while participating in a MaRBLe project, you will learn about the research process, research methodology and the dissemination of results, as well as obtain in-depth substantive knowledge in a (new) field of law. MaRBLe is offered in the form of projects that focus on a theme or method that is not generally addressed in the regular curriculum, that is current and topical and/or multidisciplinary. By participating in a MaRBLe project, you are involved in a core task of the university: research.

In each project attention is given to research methodology as well as the specific theme under investigation. In general, the project would start with group meetings in which you explore the subject-matter and/or methodology under the guidance of the supervisor and/or guest speakers. As the project progresses, the focus turns more towards your own research as you develop the contours of your own research project. Throughout, you will be given the opportunity to share your experiences with the other students, to discuss the progress of your research and the challenges you encounter, as well as to provide and receive feedback on proposals, drafts and presentations. The project culminates in a final paper. Where the project supervisor regards the quality of the papers of sufficiently high quality it may be possible to publish the papers in a special issue in the Marble ejournal. The outcome of the MaRBLe project will also be presented in public, for instance in a workshop for the project. The projects are supervised by researchers in the faculty who will guide and support you while you explore the substantive topic and develop your own research project. The project groups usually have 4 -12 participants.

Who can participate?

At the Faculty of Law, participation in MaRBLe is open for students in the third year of their bachelor studies who meet one of the following criteria:
I) participate in the Maastricht University Law College (UMLC);
II) belong to the top 25% of their cohort (in general, this means they must have a GPA of
approximately 7,5); or
III) who demonstrate exceptional drive and commitment to participate in research based

Visit the Student Portal for more information on admission, application and the projects.