Professors Faculty of Science and Engineering

Name Title Gender Type of chair Chair Financier
Arts, I.C.W. Prof.dr. Female Professor Systems Biology UM
Berg, J. vd Prof. dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Plant envirogenetics BASF
Boon, A.J. Prof.dr. Male Emeritus Professor General Sciences  
Brand, van den, J.F.J. Prof.dr. Male Emeritus Professor Gravitational science  
Brewster, C.A.W. Prof. dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Application of emerging technologies TNO
Claessens, L.P.A.M. Prof. dr. Male Professor Vertebrate paleontology and evolution UM
Cleij, T.J. Prof.dr. Male Professor Polymers for nano(bio)technology and bio-electronics UM
Dekker, T.J. Prof. dr. Male Chair with a specialised remit Liberal arts and sciences education UM
Dumontier, M.J. Prof. dr. Male University professor Data sciences UM
Fischer, R.E.A.W. Prof.dr. Male Professor Molecular and applied biotechnology UM
Haar, R.N. Prof.dr. Female

Chair with a specialised remit

Foreign Policy Analysis and Transatlantic Relations UM
Havermans, R.C. Prof.dr. Male Chair with a specialised remit Youth, food, and health UM
Hild, S. Prof.dr. Male Professor Gravitational research UM
Honing, M. Prof. dr. Male Emeritus professor Analytics in systems imaging  
A. Iamnitchi Prof. dr. Female Professor Computational social science UM
Jockenhövel, S. Prof. dr. Male Professor Biobased materials in medicine -
Joordens, J.C.A. Prof.dr. Female Professor holding an endowed chair Hominin paleoecology and evolution Naturalis
Meer, van der, Y. Prof.dr. Female Professor Sustainability of chemicals and materials UM
Merk, M Prof. dr.  Male Professor Chair in Collider Physics Research UM
Mil, van, G.A.H. Prof.dr. Male Endowed Youth, food and health SWUM
Orrù, R.V.A. Prof.dr. Male Professor Organic chemistry of biobased building blocks UM
Peeters, R.L.M. Male Professor Mathematical Aspects of Knowledge Engineering UM
Pich, A. Prof.dr. Male Personal Functional biobased polymers and biobased materials in medicine UM
Rastogi, S. Prof.dr. Male Professor Polymer physics -
Rooij, G. van Prof. dr. Male Professor Plasma chemistry UM
Scholtes, J.C. Prof.dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Text mining -
Seide, G.H. Prof. dr. Male Professor Polymer engineering UM
Sijm, T.H.M. Prof. dr. Male Professor holding an endowed chair Food safety in a sustainable economy NVWA
Thuijsman, F. Prof.dr. Male Professor Strategic optimisation and data science UM
Tintarev, N. Prof. dr. Female Chair with a specialised remit Explainable Artificial Intelligence UM
Weiss, G.B. Prof.dr. Male Professor Computer science artificial intelligence UM
Welie, J. Prof. dr. Male Professor Interdisciplinary Normative Sciences UM
Wilbik, A. Prof. dr. Female Chair with a specialised remit Data Fusion and Intelligent Interaction UM
Winands, M. Prof.dr. Male Specialised remit Machine Reasoning UM