Design renovations Tapijn scores excellent sustainability certificate

The design for the renovation of the former Tapijn barracks has been awarded the BREEAM-NL New Construction and Renovation certificate. The certificate has been achieved with a score of no less than 80.14 and is therefore entitled "excellent".

What does BREEAM stand for?

BREEAM-NL stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental assessment method and it is to determine an assessment method for the sustainability performance of buildings. BREEAM measures the sustainability of a building in its full width. We look at nine different sustainability categories: management, health, energy, transport, water, materials, waste, land use and ecology and pollution.


The buildings of the former Tapijnkazerne will be provided with two lecture halls, teaching rooms to support Problem-Based Learning and new learning rooms for students. The design plans for the renovation include LED lighting, CO2-controlled ventilation, insulation, energy and water use, waste processing, etc. Tapijn's phase 1 is also becoming energy-neutral. In this way, more than 100-year-old buildings that have been unused for years will get a sustainable new function with a public character in the historic city of Maastricht.

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