• TerraMosana

    Terra Mosana soundscape


    A sonic artwork, consisting of a collection of spoken messages, is the impressive result of a special project in the Euregion.

  • covervanaartsen

    A Journey into causes of corporate misbehaviour: why corporate legal disciplines and regulation need to be structurally reformed


    PhD thesis written by Constantijn van Aartsen.
    Corporations are the most powerful economic entities in contemporary society. The main finding in this thesis is that existing regulatory approaches in corporate law, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility are methodologically suboptimal and politically biased.

  • Milgrom_wilson

    SBE academics react to 2020 Nobel Prize in economics


    This week, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2020 to Paul Milgrom and Robert Wilson 'for improvements to auction theory and inventions of new auction formats'. The news of the prize was received with great enthusiasm here in Maastricht. We spoke to several academics with expertise in the field of game theory to hear their initial thoughts.

  • WUN Brexit event



    Maastricht University’s President Prof. dr. Martin Paul has completed his time as Chair of the Partnership Board at Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). He looks back on a time that really brought home the idea of global challenges.

  • Riviera

    Further step towards unhindered cross-border pension provision


    On 18 September Dutch Minister Koolmees answered parliamentary questions about the possibility for pensioners abroad to pass on their proof of life via an app. This concerns a case in which ITEM, together with Advisor on Frontier Work for the MEP Jeroen Lenaers, has worked on in favour of persons receiving pension benefits abroad. The current approach responds to earlier ITEM recommendations and sets the stage for the unhindered enjoyment of cross-border pension payments.

  • delafuentevilarcover

    A broken tandem: understanding lack of witness cooperation in the interview room


    PhD thesis written by Alejandra De la Fuente Vilar.
    Some witnesses of crime do not want to cooperate with the police during the police investigation, and their participation is not obligatory. This PhD research focuses on the promotion of cooperation during witness interviews.

  • illustratie

    Online education at breakneck speed


    The outbreak of COVID-19 meant that, as of mid-March, education at UM suddenly had to be offered entirely online. Together with their team, Nicolai Manie, programme manager for online education, and Simon Beausaert, associate professor of Workplace Learning, faced the almost impossible task of achieving this within a few days.

  • Logo I-Harp aangepast

    Recognizing palliative care needs in patients with advanced heart failure


    The tool I-HARP (Identifying Heart Failure Patients with Palliative Care Needs) has been launched recently This tool facilitates caregivers in the timely identification of palliative care needs in patients with advanced heart failure and their loved ones. 

  • A healthy office building: good for employees and employers


    In a groundbreaking study, a team from Maastricht University recently demonstrated the link between indoor climate quality and the health of office users. A healthier building leads to a healthier employee and lower absenteeism.

  • Shared Decison making

    Improving personalized treatment in oncology


    The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) awarded a grant (€950.000) to the research project ‘Improving personalized treatment in oncology. Towards shared decisions based on integrated information regarding treatment options, health status and patient preferences’.

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