• Focus on sustainability is an important element in MaastrichtMBA program


    MBA programma’s besteden doorgaans veel aandacht aan de P van Profit. Het MaastrichtMBA programma gaat een stap verder, en heeft naast de P van Profit de focus op de P’s van Planet en People op een gelijkwaardige manier geïntegreerd in het curriculum.

  • CAPHRI Societal Impact Team Award for research on COVID-19 in nursing homes


    On 23 November, the team within research institute CAPHRI that investigates COVID-19 in nursing homes received the CAPHRI Societal Impact Team Award for the great national and international impact their research has had on the well-being of nursing home residents.

  • Suzan van der Aa

    Vulnerable victims can use all the support they can get


    Sexual harassment in public is becoming a punishable offence. It’s a good idea, says Suzan van der Aa, professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure, but one that doesn’t go far enough. “Sexual harassment in the workplace is common too, and usually has a greater impact on the victims.”

  • OU vierde aandeelhouder voor Brightlands Smart Services Campus

    Open University now fourth shareholder of Brightlands Smart Services Campus


    Effective January 1, 2022, the Open University will become a shareholder of Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen, joining founding fathers Maastricht University (UM), Province of Limburg and APG to become the campus’ fourth shareholder. 

  • Smoking

    Tobacco discouragement is only effective from €12 per cigarette pack


    The only way to get enough people to quit smoking to achieve the goals of the National Prevention Agreement is to substantially increase the excise duty on tobacco products. This is the conclusion of research by Maastricht University (UM) on the price sensitivity of people who smoke cigarettes or rolling tobacco.

  • Awards for FHML scientists


    Two talented young researchers from the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) at Maastricht University have won awards. Kim Kampen received the KNAW Early Career Award and Floor van den Brand has won the Catharina Pijls Dissertation Prize.

  • Universities of the Netherlands present Lifelong Learning Platform


    Whether you want to improve the world or your chances on the labour market, you can continue to develop your skills at the university throughout life. Today, the universities of the Netherlands are launching the new online platform 

  • Master's Open Day 20 November 2021

    High mark for Online Master’s Open Day


    The Online Master Open Day on 20 November 2021 passed off smoothly: the platform was stable throughout the day with a good turnout. Over 2,200 visitors participated in the live Q&As and other sessions.

  • ITEM Cross-Border Impact Assessment 2021 published


    Due to the Corona crisis, also many cross-border workers are forced to work in their home country. They have been asked not to cross the border to come to their office situated in the neighbouring country. At the moment, this is only possible because the Dutch, Belgian and German governments have agreed on special exemptions from certain rules until the rest of this year. Otherwise, these frontier workers would face major changes with respect to their social security contribution, taxes and health care. But what, if governments and employers from now on will permanently stimulate that employees work more days from home? ITEM has found out that this would have tremendous consequences for cross-border work if legislation does not change accordingly. This is one out of four case of this year’s research into border effects.

  • Online PhD defense Huizi Ai


    On Wednesday 8 December at 10.00, METRO/ICGI researcher Huizi Ai will defend her PhD thesis 'Protecting Societal Interests in Corporate Takeovers: A Comparative Analysis of the Regulatory Framework in the U.K., Germany and China'. Niels Philipsen and Mieke Olaerts act as promotors. The defense will be online.

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