• Life@UM - sporten in Maastricht

    Maastricht University is working on a healthy work and study environment


    Maastricht University/the UM Sports department is one of the 16 partners in Active Campus Europe.

  • Most HBO graduates land on their feet after five years


    Graduates of higher vocational education (HBO) in the Netherlands have good career prospects, according to the 2015 HBO Monitor. For the first time, the monitor surveyed graduates about their experiences not only 18 months but also five years after graduation.

  • Zweit veur leid 2017

    Better balance thanks to Zweit Veur Leid


    175 students, employees and sponsors of Maastricht University participated in Zweit Veur Leid last Sunday. The charity run opened with a spectacular warming up in the Geusselt Stadium and followed a stretch of Maastricht's green mile. 

  • MaCSBio receives NWO-TIFN-TKI grant

    MaCSBio receives NWO-TIFN-TKI-grant


    MaCSBio successfully attracted funding as part of a large NWO-TIFN-TKI project which aims to determine how dietary food intake and physical activity influence plasma glucose control, and how differences in plasma glucose concentrations, in turn, affect the mental and physical performance as well as the well-being.

  • inlife2

    InLife: care for caregivers


    Researchers at the Alzheimer's Centre Limburg, Maastricht University, and Maastricht UMC+ developed an online tool for caregivers (mumc+ news).

  • Opening Franz Palm college hall

    Prof. Franz Palm honoured with 'own' lecture hall


    The lecture hall at the Maastricht School of Business and Economics is now called the 'Franz Palm Lecture Hall'.

  • UM Awards 2016 presented to two employees


    The UM Award, the prize that is presented annually to really committed employees, was presented to Len Cuppens and Bakir Bulić at the New Year’s reception on Monday January 9th.

  • quit smoking

    A gift voucher for employees who quit smoking


    UM is the first organisation in the Netherlands to investigate whether a financial reward will motivate smokers to quit. The researchers wanted to investigate the positive effects of rewarding employees with a gift voucher if they successfully quit smoking.

  • Arachnophobia research

    Eeeuuuw!! A spider!


    When you receive psychological treatment, for instance for an anxiety disorder or depression, what actually happens in your brain?

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