University Fund

University Fund Limburg

The University Fund Limburg supports scientific research and education at Maastricht University. We do so via grants, subsidies, Named Funds, our crowdfunding platform UM Crowd, and more. Together with the UM, the University Fund decides where the money is most needed. The fund supports scholarships, research projects, special chair, development of new study programmes, crowdfunding projects, and study and research facilities and premises. 

By donating to the Limburg University Fund/SWOL (UFL), you will contribute to innovative research and teaching at Maastricht University. The focus of this research and teaching will always be on a sustainable and healthy future for all of us. This future is surely important to you as well!

How to make a contribution is up to you. For example, you can make a general donation to UFL. Alternatively, you can donate money to a specific cause (through a Named Fund), e.g. brain damage or cultural heritage. Your gift, however small, will make a huge difference.

Support your Alma Mater!

Alumni tie

The Limburg University Fund has had a tie developed especially for Maastricht University alumni. This gem symbolizes pride. Once as a student and now as an alumnus! The tie with the star of Maastricht and "graduation cap" on it is a must at university events or alumni gatherings and, of course, correctly wearable at all other representative occasions or at work.

The tie costs €24.95 and is available in either blue or red. You can order the tie by email:
Please transfer the amount to: Limburg University Fund/SWOL, IBAN: NL21 INGB 0653 6632 42.

It goes without saying that this tie is only available selectively and only to alumni. And when you buy, you support the Alumni Fund of the Limburg University Fund. After all, alumni support their university in making the special wishes of its researchers and students possible.