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ICT Service Centre

The ICT Service Center (ICTS) is the partner for digitization within Maastricht University. Its 137 professionals ensure that students and staff can work with innovative and solid systems in a secure environment both within UM, at home and on the road.

Our multidisciplinary teams work to increase impact in the areas of research, education, technology and operations. We anticipate new forms of education, the use of AI in research, open science and data storage in the cloud. We not only make sure it works today, but also that we are prepared for the ambitions of tomorrow's students and employees.

We make IT work!

Core tasks
ICTS's core tasks are the management and maintenance of MAASnet, Maastricht University's computer network. ICTS is also responsible for:

  • maintenance of the servers and applications
  • providing opportunities to purchase (cloud) software
  • supporting end users
  • coordinating ICT projects
  • offering ICT advice

The ICT Service Center digitizes education, research and business operations. We do this together with colleagues and partners. With personal attention for the user, focused on the future and with an eye for detail.

We make IT work