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ICT Service Centre

The ICT Service Centre (ICTS) is one of 5 service centres at Maastricht University (UM) that have been set up to provide specific services within the organization. ICTS provides services in the areas of Information and Communication Technology.

The core task of ICTS is to ensure the management and maintenance of MAASnet, the computer network at Maastricht University. ICTS is also responsible for:

 maintaining servers and applications 
 making software available 
 supporting end users
 coordinating ICT projects
 offering ICT advice

Mission statement

ICTS makes part of Maastricht University. Its mission, vision and naturally the culture are derived directly from the mission and culture of the UM as a whole.

The ICT Service Centre defines its mission as follows:

"ICTS provides reliable and high-quality ICT services necessary for realising the ambitions of Maastricht University."

ICTS seeks to emphasise the following elements:

 Demand-driven: ICTS is demand-driven and offers services based on clear agreements with its clients.
High-quality: ICTS is competitive, future-proof, secure, reliable and high quality.
 Indispensable: ICTS is demand-driven and helps clients identify and deliver services that facilitate the implementation of a UM-wide strategy.
 In-house: ICTS is part of UM and can be viewed as its in-house supplier.
 Goal-oriented: ICTS strives to fulfil the strategic goals of Maastricht University as defined in the 2017-2021 strategic programme ‘Inspired by Quality’.