Maastricht Young Academy

The Maastricht Young Academy is recruiting

We're recruiting! If you're an early-career academic who is passionate about contributing to the important issues facing our university, we would love to hear from you. We seek colleagues from FHML, FPN, FSE, Law, and SBE with a deadline of 10 October at 14.00. Download the application form here or email if you have any questions. 

The Maastricht Young Academy


Are you an early career academic at Maastricht University? How do you get your voice heard on the important issues affecting your work? At the Maastricht Young Academy (MYA), we are here to amplify your concerns, opinions and ideas because we want to make our university a better place for everyone.

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How do we do this?

Members of the Maastricht Young Academy work on various projects throughout the year. We select these projects together based on our interests and what we consider priorities in our community. In addition to the projects, we occasionally host some extra events or activities on an ad hoc basis. We also contribute to many task forces and working groups to shape policy both inside the UM and on a national level. Some examples of how we work:

We know everyone is facing challenges, so we host the Growing Up in Science series to talk about our failures along with our successes.

To stimulate debate on pressing topics within our community, we organize events such as topical film screenings at Lumière Cinema.

We value diversity and know it can be challenging, so we sponsor intercultural training.

We ensure the implications for early-career academics are considered in policies including Recognition & Rewards and the assignment of Starters and Incentives Grants.

We collaborate with the Young Academies of the other Dutch universities to share experiences and learn from good practices.

Here is an overview of all ongoing projects.

We work according to our regulations, which can be read here.

Close collaboration with the Executive Board

We have access to and can comment on important projects and decisions because of our close collaboration with the Maastricht University Executive Board. We are regularly consulted on our views on important matters, especially how they affect early-career academics.  We have advised on national projects like Recognition and Rewards, the Smarter Academic Year, and many other issues on the agenda of our Academic Affairs office and Executive Board.

Always looking for new projects and ideas

The MYA is always looking for new projects and ideas! Send Vanessa LaPointe (the current MYA Chair) an email ( with your proposal, idea or question and she will contact you as soon as possible. 

Recent activities

Interdisciplinary Grant

The 2023–2024 call is open for applications. If you're an early-career academic and need some funding for an interfaculty and interdisciplinary collaboration, download the application here.

Your annual appraisal

We would like to remind our colleagues that it is your right to have an annual appraisal. Read more here and reach out if you have experienced impediments to getting one!

Everyone Professor

The Maastricht Young Academy believes that all Assistant and Associate Professors should be able to call themselves "Professor". Read more here.

All MYA members meet monthly in an informal setting to discuss progress on our projects, debate policy advice we wish to propose, or give updates on what's going on in our university. Agenda items vary, although a number of topics recur regularly, such as Recognition & Rewards, academic citizenship, and community outreach.