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Established in 2021, the UnliMited Network’s students branch is led by a group of active UM-students who are either a part, or supportive of the disability community! We have taken on various roles and are supported by other students and the Working Group UnliMited.

We primarily focus on student life and socialising by bringing our community members together and creating an inclusive and accessible space for all of us living with a disability and with this follow the goals listed under the UnliMited Network page. Any UM students who want to join and be a part of the UnliMited-Students community, are wholeheartedly invited.

We're hiring!

Vacancy for 2 student-employees as of 1 June 2024! Check out the vacancy page for the job description, criteria and application form. Deadline 30 April 2024 >>>

Now @ UnliMited-Students

A Dialogue on Inclusive Education with Prof. Dr. Pamela Habibović

What does it mean to be a student with an (in)visible disability, chronic condition, or neurodivergence at the university, and how can said experience be improved?

In 2020, UM signed the declaration of intent of the UN Convention to dedicate itself to improving inclusive education at UM. In June 2023, Prof. Dr. Pamela Habibović,  our Rector Magnificus of UM, met  UM students to discuss best practices, achievements, and improvement points regarding inclusive education. The values and future steps of the university were discussed. 

ECIO (Expertise Centrum Inclusief Onderwijs) moderated the discussion about the values and improvement points at the university. The interview of the discussion with ECIO can be found here

A photo of Sigrid from Disability Support, Sjoerd, John and Carolina from UnliMited-Students and Prof. dr. Pamela Habibović, smiling and holding the UN Declaration of intent.

From left to right: Sigrid Péters  from Disability Support, Sjoerd, John, and Carolina from UnliMited-Students, and Prof. Dr. Pamela Habibović, Rector Magnificus. 

Archiving our beginnings: UnliMited-Students' first introductory video

This network would not exist without its volunteers!

We would like to especially thank Maartje van Diepenbeek, Hande Wevers, John Koch, Vincent Philippy, Fleur Driessen, Jo Haas and Denise Nijhuis as they were part of UnliMited-Students from the very beginning and shaped the network into what it is today!

Our humble beginnings

Following up on the survey held in March 2020 about studying at UM with a disability, the Working group UnliMited organised online discussion groups for UM students from the disabled community beginning February 2021. Thereafter, 18 UM students indicated they would like to be actively involved. The first meeting with this group took place on Wednesday, 10 March 2021 and revolved around setting a structure for the network. Since then, the group has met multiple times to decide on the network's structure, visibility and awareness campaign, and drafting a strategy plan.

What comes next?

Currently UnliMited-Students is hard at work on finalising its structure and establishing a strategy plan. Moreover, events to get to know us and each other are being organised and will be shared on our social media channels. Continuously spreading the word by creating visibility and awareness through various offline and online initiatives - we are wholeheartedly ready to welcome you!

Join your community by becoming a member of UnliMited-Students!  

Want to become even more actively involved in UnliMited-Students? We are currently looking for helping hands for our upcoming activities. Moreover, volunteers are always welcome to provide extra help and further cheer us on!
Email us with your details and interests: unlimited-students@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Coming soon: Check out our instagram account to get the newest updates on our events!

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  • Since the signing of the declaration of intent of the UN Convention in 2020, Maastricht University works in different ways towards inclusive education. Pamela Habibović, Rector Magnificus, had a conversation with students Carolina, John and Sjoerd, and Disability Officer Sigrid Péters about what...