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Facility Services

Facility Services (FS) facilitates your journey at UM! We create a safe, functional, inspiring and sustainable work, study and living environment @UM campus, facilitating teaching, research and operational excellence at UM.

FS is one of UM’s five service centres. We provide students, staff and visitors of the faculties and other UM service centres with a broad package of services in the categories buildings & grounds, food & beverage, purchasing, sustainability, safety & security, cleaning & waste, and hospitality. These services include management of the university’s property portfolio, catering, supervision of tenders, pest control, event support, but also advise on safety, environmental and sustainability issues, purchasing and contract and supplier management.

We constantly focus on high quality, hospitality, safety, sustainability and on your core business.
Our customer orientation, problem-solving approach and forward thinking provide the foundation for everything we do at FS.

This is Facility Services @Maastricht University

Our strategy for 2022-2026

Strategiekaart Facility Services
Our strategy map

Let’s create a healthy and sustainable life at UM together!

By 2026, together with the faculties and other service centers, we want to make an active contribution to the wellbeing of students and employees and to UM's sustainability objectives. We want to achieve this by offering inclusive and affordable services and ensuring a pleasant, safe, healthy and green campus that stimulates connection(s) between students, employees and other stakeholders.

Our strategy centres around three themes that are considered the most important developments for our students and staff.

Welcome! Students and staff should always feel at home on our campus.
This is a must for an inclusive and equal university community. To explore their talents, complete a degree and work to the best of their ability, students and staff need to feel welcome, safe and valued at their university.

The large number of international students and staff at UM and its inclusive mission make this all the more vital.

Focus on wellbeing! In the face of growing stress and pressure to excel, wellbeing has become a major issue in higher education. UM has prioritised this as well. By focusing on health and wellbeing, and specifically by influencing (in teaching and research support) key factors linked to cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing in both students and staff, we can make positive contributions to their academic progress, health and productivity. Being attuned to student and staff wellbeing ensures they'll be more resilient, satisfied and able to work better.

Green Future
Go green! A growing number of students and staff explicitly want spaces that are both sustainable and comfortable. They have higher expectations and are more willing than ever to mobilise around issues of sustainability and corporate social responsibly, and the visibility of both. Sustainability is also one of UM's core values. By the year 2030, UM wants sustainability to be embedded in its organisational DNA.

By committing to this strategy we believe that we will be able to deliver a positive contribution to the UM-experience and provide even greater benefit to our students’ and staff’s journey at UM.

The buildings of Maastricht University

Maastricht University is housed in numerous buildings on the Maastricht Campus, and on campuses in Venlo, Sittard/Geleen and Brussels.

FS manages roughly 250.000 square meter of university buildings; a property portfolio of more than 40 buildings. A mix of monumental and new buildings in the inner city and the Randwyck district of Maastricht. All of which service over 22.000 students and 5000 employees.

We ensure that these buildings are used sustainably, safely and efficiently. We develop and implement construction and renovations projects, and manage and maintain buildings and sites. In addition, we make sure that the infrastructure for energy suppliers is in place, and provide a range of facility products and services. Our teams work to ensure safe, attractive, accessible, connecting and well-functioning facilities for the campus and its visitors. Everything to create an environment that enables UM students and employees to realise their ambitions.

A selection of our services


We offer a broad package of services on our campus in Maastricht, including:

  • Food and drinks; From coffee and vending machines, event and meeting services to our catering locations across campus. An affordable, healthy and varied range of products that meet the diversity of needs and lifestyles of our international community.
  • UMcard; This is the smart card for all students and employees, to use as an ID card; for access to locations and parking areas; and as payment method for printing and food and drinks. Click here for more information on UMployee (login required, employees only).
  • Cleaning and waste; We maintain a clean and healthy campus by providing activities and services in the field of cleaning, waste processing and pest control.
  • Safety and security; Our aim is to foster a safe and reliable study, work and living environment for the campus users, by means of preventive supervision by contracted security staff; and other organisational, constructional and electronic security measures. We also coordinate the emergency organisation and crisis management; and the education and training of in-house emergency response workers.
  • Purchasing; Our purchasing and procurement teams are happy to help employees with their orders and tenders. By making use of our services we can ensure acquisition of goods and services in a sustainable and financially viable way while complying with European tender law; and driving value for money across all areas of University external expenditure.
  • Moving services; We organise and coordinate the continuous relocation flows on campus, within and between buildings.
  • Reception services; Our receptionists welcome and help you from the phone to the entrance of our campus locations.
  • Location services; In both the inner city and the Randwyck district, a Facility Services location team is located close to our customers. These teams carry out operational activities on location such as maintenance and repair work, janitorial services and parking supervision; and serve as a platform for matching customer demand with our services.
  • Rapid Response services; The services of our Rapid Response team include refilling the coffee machines, toiletries and office supplies across campus.
  • Energy management, environmental and sustainability advice; FS advises and informs the Executive Board, UM staff and students on a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues and the relevant laws and regulations. FS plays a key role in ensuring the sustainability of UM’s operations and reducing energy consumption on campus with its active energy policy. We work to develop a sustainable university in more ways, such as:
    • In construction and renovation projects, we focus on limiting energy and water consumption through efficient and economical heating and cooling systems, lighting, insulation and water conservation.
    • We are continually working to improve our systems for recycling and waste disposal.
    • On behalf of the university, we work closely with Maastricht Bereikbaar to develop a responsible mobility policy.
    • We are collaborating with the COOL Maastricht Platform to develop a CO²-neutral city by 2030.
    • In tendering projects, we take into account both environmental criteria and issues of social sustainability.

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