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Maastricht Summer School (MSS) was founded in 2012 and offers courses in a variety of fields and disciplines. Most courses are geared towards students at undergraduate/bachelor level but may also be of interest to graduate/master level students and professionals. Please note that no scholarships, grants or tuition waivers are available.​

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      Law is a fundamental component of society. It also plays an important role in the creation of fictional scenarios within literature. The use of law in literature can serve as an anchor to create a reality that is familiar to readers and enables authors to effectively bridge fiction and reality.

      During this course, students will explore how law is represented in popular literature, understand how it is depicted in fictional time and space, and where possible, compare it with the law that applied in "reality." Students will also conduct independent historical legal research that will assist in explaining the "real" law that is depicted in fictional scenarios. More information about the course can be found here:

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