Maastricht Summer School

Maastricht Summer School (MSS) was founded in 2012 and offers courses in a variety of fields and disciplines. Most courses are geared towards students at undergraduate/bachelor level but may also be of interest to graduate/master level students and professionals. Please note that no scholarships, grants or tuition waivers are available.​

    • We've created a new series for you. It's called 'Within Reach' and will feature travel destinations that are located close to Maastricht. We hope that the series will provide you with some travel inspiration!

      First up: Chateau Neercanne
      FUN FACTS:
      • 4.5 km from Maastricht;
      • Chateau Neercanne provides panoramic views across the Jeker Valley and is nestled on the border of Belgium and The Netherlands. It is home to a Michelin-starred Restaurant, but don't assume you can't afford to visit because it also has a popular lunch spot with a smaller price tag right next door, l’Auberge. You can also just go to wander the gardens or enjoy some of the hikes on the hillside behind the castle;
      • Based on an old roman defence structure, the caves are now used as wine cellars;
      • During the siege of Maastricht the castle was occupied by Spanish forces.

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