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As part of Maastricht University, the European University of the Netherlands, the School of Business and Economics' mission is to contribute to a better world by addressing societal problems, co-creating knowledge, and developing team players and leaders for the future.

Academic research plays a vital role in achieving this mission, which is why SBE’s research is built on the following three core values:

  1. We combine fundamental and applied research to advance scientific knowledge and practice.
  2. We carry out transdisciplinary research to address complex societal problems.
  3. We conduct research that is internationally oriented with a solid base in the region.  

Accordingly, our mission statement for research is as follows: SBE’s research mission is to produce both fundamental and applied research, which is transdisciplinary and internationally oriented, in order to address complex societal problems and contribute to the global knowledge society.  You can find a more in-depth explanation of our core research values and more in the SBE Research Mission and Values document. 

SBE's Research Mission and Values document is based on consultation with members of our research community, the School’s leadership, and the School Board. The document outlines in-depth: SBE's vision on research, mission statement, core research values, strengths, and areas of expertise. It is a living document that will expand and grow as time goes on.

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Mission and Values

Strengths and Areas of Expertise

SBE’s expertise covers a broad range within the fields of business and economics with several strength areas across different academic disciplines. These include the following:

  • Digital innovation, including service and social robots, data analytics and digitalisation
  • Education and labour market research
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Economics, including macro, micro, behavioural and quantitative
  • Governance and public policy
  • Leadership and service management
  • Sustainability, including sustainable development, circular economics, sustainable finance, responsible business

Bringing Academia Closer to Society through our Institutes

MA programme Information Management & Business Intelligence - Your Future

Structured around academic disciplines and bound by the common goals of sharing knowledge and inspiring students, our institutes are at the gravitational centre of SBE's work in promoting excellence and quality.


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