Maastricht University wants to contribute to a more sustainable future on earth with its education, research and operations. Its aim is to integrate sustainability in the DNA of the entire organization by 2030.

To reach that aim UM has created the taskforce Sustainable UM2030 that will work on sustainability issues. The taskforce consists of researchers, teachers and UM policy makers and works with students via the Green Office.

In order to be a sustainable university by 2030 the taskforce wants to achieve:

  • That students, academics and other staff have the competencies and skills to work on the transition towards a more sustainable world.
  • A more climate neutral university.
  • That knowledge and values from different backgrounds and disciplines generated at UM can be applied for sustainable solutions
  • That more interdisciplinary research for sustainability is taking place.
  • Establishing partnerships within the university, the region and beyond to implement sustainability together.
  • Connecting top-down and bottom-up initiatives for sustainable development.

As a university, our task is to train students properly, to deliver scientific research and to have an impact on society. Our vision is that sustainability cannot be separated from this. That is why the taskforce consists of three pillars: education, research and operations. We want to contribute to a better world as a university by means of the aforementioned core qualities, academic education and research, and also by means of our own operational management. That is why these three pillars are inseparable from each other.

Green Impact

Green Impact UM

Do you wish to contribute to sustainability at UM? Get involved in Green Impact! Have fun and be inspired whilst making positive changes within your department and perhaps beyond..

The themes we'll work on this year are: 

  • International business travel
  • Nature inclusive campus
  • Sustainable events & meetings
  • Health & wellbeing in buildings on campus
  • Competencies for UM staff members on sustainability

 Read more about the themes and goals of Green Impact 2020

How does it work?

You pick one of the themes above that you would like to work on. Until May 2020 you work together within a team on a plan that can be implemented at UM. Of course the team of Sustainable UM2030 will help you along during workshops and via intranet. You can sign up, even if you've missed some of the events already. Alternatively, you can attend the meetings without signing up if you would like to listen in on what we are working on.


11 March Workshop #1
Time: 9 - 10.30 h, Location: Turnzaal, FASoS, Grote Gracht 90-92
20 May Workshop #2
Time: 9.30 - 11 h via Zoom
17 June

Workshop #3
Time: TBA

1 July Closing event
Time: TBA


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green impact



  • minor sustainability

    Sustainability goes beyond “the green stuff”

    Friday, April 17, 2020

    When it comes to teaching about sustainability, you need an interdisciplinary team of teachers on board. Sustainable UM2030 organised a meeting in which teachers from various faculties presented their ideas for sustainability courses to students.

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  • Green Impact

    Teams of students and staff working on sustainability

    Monday, March 16, 2020

    UM gains insight into what employees and students think is most important when it comes to sustainability and we collect many good ideas that can be implemented.

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  • Food week

    Sustainability & food week

    Monday, March 16, 2020

    Last week it was the Dutch National Week Without Meat. Alligned with that Green Office organised events during their Sustainability & Food week.

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