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Maastricht University aims for a sustainable world through its research and education and leading by example in its operations. Its aim is to integrate sustainability in the DNA of the entire organisation by 2030.

UM believes a sustainable world can be achieved by using research to accelerate innovation, by focusing on education to share knowledge and change mindsets, and by leading by example. UM aims to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and making a true impact by university wide multi- and interdisciplinary expertise.

To reach that aim UM has created the programme Sustainable UM2030 that will work on sustainability issues. The programme consists of researchers, teachers, faculty liaisons and UM policy makers and works with students via the UM Green Office.

For the period of 2021-2026 UM has defined the following strategic framework to make an impact on a sustainable future. You can download it here.

In response to the societal challenges surrounding climate change, Maastricht University is sharpening its partner agreements. Read the full statement.  


  • "I am proud that our new Circular Plastics group published its first completely in-house research," Kim Ragaert says. She founded the research group three years ago, when she moved to Maastricht. Her work has laid the foundations for many innovations in the field of plastic recycling, and she is...

  • The recently launched Regional Transition Platform aims to help accelerate sustainability transitions in the region. The platform focuses mainly on knowledge exchange in a participatory setting. Experiential knowledge of the Maastricht municipality is linked to the academic knowledge of Maastricht...

  • The UM Green Office supported the FASoS, SBE, and Law Green Teams these past several weeks during their 3 Sustainability Days. While recapping the 3 previous days, we invite students and employees from all faculties to consider attending our remaining 3 days with FPN, FSE, and FHML and our...

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  • Climate change, depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution... Consciously and unconsciously, we burden future generations with problems because we created a mess. But, how can you consciously take this into account if this group has no rights?

  • On 2 April 2022, the Dutch government launched the “Zet ook de knop om” campaign to encourage households and businesses to save energy with practical tips. Maastricht University has responded to the government's call, yielding positive results!

Want to read more news, articles and see other videos about sustainability at UM? Check out the theme-page UM & Sustainability.


  • 23 Oct 25 Oct
    09:00 - 17:00

    MORSE Conference

    The 4th MORSE conference will bring together scholars from different disciplines around Europe working towards a responsible, resilient and sustainable future to discuss their research and its practical application and societal impact.

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