The Faculty PhD Committee (FPC)

The Faculty PhD Committee (FPC) of the FHML advises the Board about the broad domain of PhD related issues. The committee is also a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences and the discussion of relevant developments and operational issues within and between Schools/Institutes.

Besides general PhD related issues, the FPC has attention for:
 Monitoring of PhD students (via PhD TRACK)
 Supervision of PhD students 
 Education for PhD students

The rules of procedure of the FPC.

The FPC meets every six weeks. For PhD related issues that should be discussed in the FPC, you can contact the FPC members directly or send an email to FPC-FHML[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl.


Every School/Institute appoints two FPC members; a PhD coordinator and a PhD representative.
The FPC currently consists of the following members:

School/Institute PhD Coordinator PhD representative
CAPHRI Hannerieke van der Boom  Karin van Leersum
CARIM Marc van Bilsen Federica de Majo 
GROW Anton Hopman / Theo de Kok Eduardo Villamor
MHeNS Martin van Boxtel Mignon Schichel
NUTRIM Roger Godschalk Martijn van Beers
SHE Anique de Bruin Jolien Pieters
MaCSBio Theo de Kok  
M4I Benjamin Balluff Britt Claes
MERLN Sabine van Rijt Fiona Passanha

Anique de Bruin
Els Swennen

FHML policy advisor for PhD affairs: Hannerieke van der Boom

PhD-representatives from the Faculty Council: Henri Boersma and Heidi Moossdorf

UM and national representation
The Central PhD Candidates Platform (CPCP) represents PhD candidates on an UM inter-faculty level.
The PhD Candidates Network (PNN) represents PhD candidates on a national inter-university level.