Mission & strategy

Maastricht University (UM) is a young university in the heart of Europe, with a distinct global perspective and a strong focus on innovative education and research strategies. We see ourselves first and foremost as an open and inclusive academic community, striving for a good mix between Dutch, European and other international students, and addressing European and global issues in our education and research programmes.

UM's mission and strategy for the future are built on four core values:

  • To be an innovator in education and research by introducing the CORE philosophy at our university;
  • To adopt an inclusive approach and to open our doors to all students and staff who fit with our profile and subscribe to our values;
  • To take our social responsibility seriously by linking the university to society, from the local to the global level;
  • To be a sustainable institution in the broadest sense.

CORE stands for: Collaborative Open Research Education.

  • Collaborative: education and research are best organised in teams rather than individually
  • Open: being open minded and inclusive
  • Research Education is about the integration of research and education

Strategic Programme
UM’s strategy is set out in the Strategic Programme 2017-2021  

Our impact

Maastricht University is firmly anchored in the midst of society. In the brochure ‘Our impact on Maastricht, Europe and the world’ you can read about our impact on areas ranging from the economy and health to culture and the physical environment. It also offers the most important facts and figures.