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  • law_blog_agustin_parise

    Electromagnetic interferences in the language of the law

    2 December 2021
    Language plays a fundamental role as a channel for law. It can enable members of society to access justice. Conversely, an inadequate use of language may result in a dissociation of law from a specific society. Language is a fundamental means to convey messages, to know the law, and to shape the law. On occasions, law is presented in languages that do not correspond to those of the targeted societies. Comparative legal history can attest of such occasions. Similarly to radio frequencies, on such occasions messages were disrupted by “electromagnetic interferences...
  • law_privacy_right_to_freedom_of_expression

    Hurbain v. Belgium: towards a fairer balancing exercise between the right to freedom of expression and the right to privacy?

    30 November 2021
    Admittedly, the right to erasure, or more colloquially, the right to be forgotten is nothing new in the European legal landscape. Indeed, this right can be found as far back as 1981 in the predecessor of the Modernised Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (CETS No. 108) (Convention 108+).
  • law_blog_robin_hofmann_cannabis_legalisation_in_eu

    The Cannabis Dilemma – Is the legalisation of cannabis in Europe possible?

    26 November 2021
    Germany has elected a new government. One of the legal reforms coalition of Social democrats, the Green party and the free liberals want to put on the tracks is the legalization of cannabis. From a criminological point of view, this is the right decision.
  • law_blog prashant sabharwal house of cards

    House of Cards: when your worst enemy is one of your own

    17 November 2021
    In the 1980s, in the heyday of Thatcherism, Scottish actor Ian Richardson starred in the leading role of Francis Urquhart in the BBC series House of Cards. In it, Urquhart, who starts out as the Chief Whip for the Conservative government led by Thatcher’s fictional successor, schemes against and manipulates his fellow MPs in order to emerge as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Indeed, it was this BBC version that provided the blueprint for the eponymous US Netflix drama that was all the rage during the Obama Years.
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