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  • Asylum cases

    Where I come from and how I got here

    17 September 2017
    Asylum cases are characterized by a general lack of documental evidence to support the applicant’s identity, origin, and persecution story. As such, in deciding on a claim, government officials typically have to rely on the applicant’s own testimony and general information about the country of origin. PhD thesis by Tanja van Veldhuizen.
  • China_development

    Choose or loose, another road to China’s sustainable development

    17 September 2017
    A law and economics analysis of corporate sustainable theories and practices. PhD thesis by Mengxing Lu.
  • Made in China

    Trade, politics and law

    17 September 2017
    The European Union is currently in the process of overhauling its anti-dumping regime, changing the methodology in a way that it hopes will appease China while preserving the effectiveness of the EU’s trade defence instruments. However, in his Master Thesis Olav de Wit, LL.M. of the Master International Laws points out major legal and political flaws in the EU’s current approach.
  • Port_of_singapore_keppel_terminal

    Opinion 2/15 and EU competence for common commercial policy

    17 September 2017
    Broad ‘EU-only’ trade agreements can constitute the new normal of EU external trade action, only if such agreements exclude portfolio investment and investor-state dispute settlement provisions from their scope.
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