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  • Brexit versus European Union_awkward partner_image of a bull

    In varietate concordia: how path dependency affects the ongoing Brexit negotiations

    20 April 2018
    Now that the UK is ejecting itself from the confines of the EU what interest would they have to keep the principle of good faith within their legislations? And perhaps more interestingly, what incentive – if any – does the British politicians and negotiators have to negotiate their exit in a fair and reasonable manner?
  • pixabay-belgium-brussels-aotium-flag-1827605_640.jpg

    Mixed pension: civil servants pension up for revision

    20 April 2018
    ITEM in Law
    The statutory pension of civil cervants in Belgium is on de verge of a reform. The legislative proposal ‘mixed pension’ will be soon be introduced by law, after being the centre of intense debate for nearly a year. What exactly does ‘mixed pension’ mean?
  • Children of imprisoned parents_frog puppet in a cage

    Ground breaking recommendation for children of imprisoned parents

    16 April 2018
    On the 4 th of April 2018 - in Strasbourg the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe adopted a groundbreaking recommendation concerning children of imprisoned parents.

    The ECJ’s Uber judgment

    11 April 2018
    The recent ECJ’s judgment identifying Uber’s activities as transport services can be seen as a victory of the taxi sector against new business models. It affects the future of the platform economy in Europe by providing that certain composite services fall under the regulations governing the individual sectors: several transport platforms as well as platforms such as Airbnb are to be affected by this far-reaching decision.
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