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  • US Navy board a plane to deploy to the 5th fleet area of responsibility_in_support_of_the_global_war_on_terrorism

    Can families of ISIS-victims sue twitter?

    19 January 2017
    Recently it was brought in the news that families of Americans killed by ISIS in Belgium and France sued twitter for allegedly failing to keep members of the terrorist organisation of its platform. Lawsuits concerning American victims who were killed in Europe raise a number of interesting and legal questions.
  • Refugees at Greece_Human Rights_image_by Jordi Bernabeu Farrus

    Living Conditions of Asylum-seekers in Greece and Serbia

    18 January 2017
    The European Union and its member states have failed to comply with their extraterritorial human rights obligations to provide humanitarian aid and fulfil the subsistence rights of asylum-seekers which are stuck in Greece and Serbia and suffering from the severe winter conditions.
  • Fabienne Hol - Van Goethem

    Cross Border Expansion: Seen from a Global Mobility Perspective

    13 January 2017
    Recently one of my foreign network partners (from France) requested me to assist him in advising and assisting one of his clients in a take over of a Dutch company. He was asked to provide expertise and guidance in the areas of employment law and employee benefits taxation (wage withholding taxes, social security, etc.). In fact he needed to perform a due diligence of the Dutch company in those areas. The due diligence had a special focus on the cross border activities of the Dutch company. Because the Dutch company had a significant number of employees working...
  • Guenther Oettinger

    OettiGate: sufficient political control over his promotion?

    12 January 2017
    German Commissioner Guenther Oettinger is facing hearings in the European Parliament this week regarding his promotion to the budget and human resources portfolio. While his appointment is more than controversial, the hearing merely amounts to a shortened “exchange of views”, which can be seen as critical with regard to the EP’s political control function vis-à-vis the European Commission.
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