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  • Sophie Thijs

    Work with multiproblem families

    22 May 2017
    As a family therapist in an ambulatory setting, I see varying psychiatric disorders in multiproblem families. I specifically work with families who not only suffer from any kind of disorders, but also are affected by mild intellectual disability. This blog encompasses two parts. First, it will give you a glance at the varying clients I work with and what I think should be emphasised more in my job. It finishes with a portrait of my work schedule. But first, some theoretical background.
  • Den haag binnenhof_Law Blogs Maastricht

    Getting into force with a caretaker government?

    19 May 2017
    Would that not be much more attractive? So: a Cabinet without excessive programme and with a number of subjects that can be left open. The coalition parties can agree to respect the parliamentary majority. (Dutch only)
  • Trump_power_US presidential model

    Trump and the US presidential model

    12 May 2017
    What we witness now shows resemblances with the new Turkish and the Russian presidential model: the president has executive powers but is also largely supported by his parliament, banning or disabling the effect of balances of power through their checks and balances.
  • France, after celebrations

    Election analysis: much to do? (part 2)

    10 May 2017
    After the Celebrations: What’s next for France? President-elect Macron has his work cut out. His challenges are many. There is much to do.
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