MYA alumni

Bram Akkermans

Research Field - European and comparative private law

Maastricht European Private Law Institute - Faculty of Law

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Bram Akkermans – Law research to enhance sustainable European integration

Anique de Bruin

Research Field - Educational Psychology

Department of Educational Development and Research & School of Health Professions Education - Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences

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Anique de Bruin – How to regulate and improve learning

Mariolina Eliantonio

Research Field - European and comparative administrative law

Faculty of Law

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Mariolina Eliantonio – the role of courts in the process of European integration

Katlijn Haesebrouck

Research Field - Behavioural management accounting

Department of Accounting & Information Management - School of Business and Economics

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Katlijn Haesebrouck: Knowledge sharing between companies and employees

Anna Harris

Research Field - Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies

Department of Society Studies - MUSTS research group - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

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Maastricht Young Academy - Anna Harris

Steven Kelk

Research Field - Computational Biology 

Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (DKE) - Faculty of Sciences and Engineering

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Steven Kelk– From gaming to computational biology

Jill Lobbestael

Research Field - Clinical psychology

Section Clinical Psychology - Clinical Psychological Science - Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

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Jill Lobbestael – Predicting premeditated and impulsive aggression

Federico De Martino

Research Field - Ultra High field Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Audition, Cognitive Neuroscience - Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

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Federico De Martino on his research on sound perception via functional MRI

Blanche Schroen

Research Field - Experimental Cardiology

School for Cardiovascular Diseases - Faculty of Health, Medicine & Life Sciences

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Blanche Schroen – Finding a cure for heart failure

Tamar Sharon

Research Field - Philosophy of Technology

Tamar Sharon, former MYA member and one of the founders of the Maastricht Young Academy now works for Radboud University.

Tamar Sharon – The Digital Disruption of Health

Melissa Siegel

Research Field - Migration Studies

Maastricht Graduate School of Governance| UNU-MERIT - Faculty of Sciences and Engineering

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Melissa Siegel – Migration can benefit society

Paul Smeets

Research Field – Behavioural Finance

School of Business & Economics

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Paul Smeets – Why millionaires give to charity

Lauren Wagner

Research field - Diaspora & Mobilities

Department of Society Studies, Globalisation, Transnationalism and Development Research Group - Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

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Lauren Wagner: Cutting across social science disciplines to look at diaspora and the workings of ...