Sex, Love, Corona | Podcast

Honest talks with UM sexologist Marieke Dewitte and student guests.

Sex, love, intimacy, being single, relationships, diversity, sexual orientation, masturbation, gender, pornography, sexting, and much more. These are topics that are a part of (most of) our lives, yet we do not talk about them as much as other day-to-day activities. In our podcast Sex, Love, Corona, Marieke Dewitte (sexologist at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience) takes the time to talk to student guests about their experiences and how the current corona pandemic impacts sexual relationships and sexual development. And all the while, Marieke enriches these stories with the things she has learned as a sex researcher at Maastricht University.

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Episode 9 | Sexual Orientation

This week, we take another look at diversity. This time diversity in sexual orientation. LGBTQI+, an acronym that symbolises this diversity, but does it cover it all? Where does this acronym come from? How do people from the LGBTQI+ community identify with these labels? What kind of stereotypes, myths and preconceptions are there still about sexual orientation? Marieke sits down with Kai Jonas (Professor of Applied Psychology) and Kenny d’Abreu de Paulo (student at FHML) to find an answer to these questions.

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Episode 8 | Gender Diversity: Beyond Binary

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 8

Male and female, these categorisations are considered the norm in our society. In this episode, Marieke, Béla and Mathilde will look closer at gender and try to nuance these conceptions. Cisgender, Transgender, non-binary, queer, these are terms that conjure up a lot of questions. Let’s open our minds and listen to this conversation between Marieke, Mathilde Kennis (our academic expert) and Béla Belissima (podcast host & queer activist). 

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You can find Béla's podcast Queering the Perspective here.

Episode 7 | Sex & Culture

This week we’re talking about the impact of culture on sexuality. With cultural diversity comes sexual diversity. Marieke sits down with Avery, Rana and Honya to talk about how sexuality is viewed, discussed and treated in their culture. We also look at the prejudices that people have about the attitude of different cultures and religions towards sex.

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Episode 6 | Sexual problems

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 6

This week Marieke talks about sexual problems. What happens when things go wrong. Many more people experience sexual problems than seek help for them. It is still a taboo and there is a lot of shame involved. We dive into the type of problems that often occur and how to deal with them.

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Episode 5 | Am I normal?

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 5

Today we’re talking about sex, and specifically the question “Am I normal?”. There are a lot of preconceptions and misconceptions about what is normal or healthy sexual behaviour, fantasies and thoughts. We’re talking about porn, hypersexuality, fantasies and much more.

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Episode 4 | New technologies

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 4

Today we’re talking about new technologies, social media and toys, and how they affect our sex lives. Bea and Berkant join Marieke once again to look at this topic from a student’s, as well as an academic, perspective.

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Episode 3 | Sex with yourself

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 3

Today we’re talking about masturbation. Everything you need to know about sex with yourself. How to better do it, the myths surrounding it, and the science behind it.

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Episode 2 | Couples in times of Corona

Last week we talked about being single during a worldwide pandemic. Today we’re looking at the effect it has on couples. Do we have more, or less sex? How can you keep the relationship exciting when you’re spending 24/7 together? And many more questions will be asked and answered.

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Episode 1 | Single in times of corona

Sex, Love, Corona | Episode 1

In this episode Marieke, Bea and Berkant talk about being single in times of corona. How can you have a fulfilling sex life, when we have to socially distance? What are the rules? And more importantly, what are the solutions?

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