Maastricht University gives out awards to people from both within and outside of the organisation, who have directly or indirectly contributed to either the university or society-at-large. UM's awards include honorary doctorates, the Dr. J.G.H. Tans Medal, the UM medallion of honour, the Wynand Wijnen Education Prize, the UM Award and the UM Student Award.

Honorary doctorates

UM bestows honorary doctorates upon people who have made an extraordinary contribution to science or society. The following people have received an honorary doctorate:

Year Honorary doctor Honorary supervisor
2017 Joachim Gauck Prof.dr. Martin Paul
2016 Detlev Ganten Prof.dr. Martin Paul / Prof.dr. Thomas Unger
  Prof.dr. Susan-Rose Ackerman Prof.dr. Michael Faure
  Prof.dr. Paul de Grauwe Prof.dr. J. Muysken
2015 Jimmy Wales Prof.dr. Luc Soete
  Drs. Frans Timmermans Prof.dr. A.W. Heringa / Prof.dr. Sophie Vanhoonacker
  Prof.dr. Wolfgang Wahlster Prof.dr. Gerhard Weiss
  Prof.dr. Michelle Craske Prof.dr. Peter Muris
2014 Prof.dr. Peter J. Barnes Prof.dr. E. Wouters
  Prof.dr. P. Levitt Prof.dr. Valentina Mazzucato
  Prof.dr. Amy Edmonson Prof.dr. W. Gijselaers
  Prof.dr.Jürgen Hennig Prof.dr. R. Goebel
  Prof.dr. Paul Craig Prof.dr. B. de Witte
2013 Prof.dr. Fred H. Gage Prof.dr. Harry Steinbusch
  Prof.dr. Mohammad Hashem Pesaran Prof.dr. Franz Palm
  Prof.dr. Trevor Pinch Prof.dr. Wiebe Bijker
  Prof.dr. Paul Crutzen Prof.dr. Pim Martens
  Dr. Feike Sijbesma Prof.dr. Martin Paul
  Prof.dr. Christine van den Wyngaert Prof.dr. A. Klip
2012 Prof.dr. A.L. Goldberg Prof.dr. A. Schols
2011 Prof.dr. P. Alston M. Kamminga
  Prof.dr. Parsu Parasuraman PhD Prof.dr. J. Lemmink
  Prof.em.dr.dr. H.C. B. Kohler Prof.dr. T. Blom
  Prof.dr. Kamil Urgurbil Prof.dr. R. Goebel
  Prof.dr. H.M. Levin Prof.dr. H. Maassen van den Brink
2009 Prof.dr. J. Campbell Prof.dr. P. Eicholz
2006 Prof.dr. J. Friedman Prof.dr. W. Saris
  Prof.dr. M. McKee Prof.dr. H. Maarse
  Prof.dr. R. Zimmerman J. Smits
2005 Prof.dr. J. Drèze Prof.dr. J. Herings
2001 Prof.dr. H.S. Barrows, MD PhD Prof.dr. C.P.M. van der Vleuten
  Prof.dr. W.J.M. Levelt Prof.dr. G. Kok
  H.J.A. Hofland Prof.dr. J.H.W. Kusters
1996 H. Kotz  
  W.J. Baumol Prof.dr. H. Maks
  P.A. J. Janssen Prof.dr. R.S. Reneman
1993 Marc Lalonde P.C., O.C., Q.C.  
1991 Prof.dr. F.J.A. Huygen Prof.dr. A. Knottnerus
  T. Koopmans C.F. Flinterman
  Prof.dr. R.R. Nelson  
1989  Dr. C.F. Beyers Naude Th. van Boven
1986 Prof.dr. A. Fleckenstein  
  Prof.dr. J.D. Caen  
  Prof.dr. M.E. Josephson MD  
  Prof.dr. P.C. Johnson  
1981 Dr. J.G.H.. Tans  
  Prof.dr. B.A. Smith  
  Prof.dr. J.R. Evans  
  Prof.dr. J.J. van Rood  

Dr. J.G.H. Tans Medal

The Dr. J.G.H. Tans Medal is the highest distinction at Maastricht University. It is given to people who have made a significant contribution towards the development of the university. Previous recipients of this medal include former Govenor Kremers and former President of the Executive Board Cohen.

Year Winner
2012 Prof. mr. G.P.M.F. Mols
2011 Dhr. L.J.P.M. Frissen
2011 Prof. dr. ir. J.M.M. Ritzen
2009 Mr. P.A.F.W. Elverding
2005 Mr. B.J.M. baron van Voorst tot Voorst
2004 Prof. dr. H.J. Martens
2004 Prof. dr. A.C. Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman
2002  Dr. K.L.L.M Dittrich
2002 Mr. Ph. J.I.M. Houben
1998 Prof. dr. R.S. Reneman
1997 Prof. mr. M.J. Cohen
1995 Prof. dr. W.H.F.W. Wijnen
1995 Drs. L.E.H. Vredevoogd
1990 Dr. J. Kremers
1989 Drs. J.B.M. Verhey
1987 Mr. R.B. van den Biggelaar
1986 Prof. dr. J.M. Greep
1984 Dr. J.Ph. van Campen
1982 Dr. P. Thung
1982 Prof. dr. H. Philipsen
1978 Dr. J.G.H. Tans

UM Medallion of Honour

The UM Medaillion of Honour is presented to UM staff members who have made an exceptional contribution towards the brand awareness, reputation and development of the university. Recipients receive this medallion upon their departure. 

The first UM Medallion of Honour was awareded to drs. André Postema, former Vice Chairman of the Executive Board. He received the medallion during the Dies Natalis in 2014. Postema was recognised for the extraordinary way in which he contributed towards improving operational management, sustainability and valorisation at Maastricht University.

More information:

  Regulations on Awarding the Maastricht University Medallion of Honour

Prof.dr. Louis Boon
Prof.dr. Louis Boon

UM Medallion of Honour awarded to Professor Louis Boon

On Thursday 15 December 2016, Professor Martin Paul, chair of the UM Executive Board, awarded the UM Medallion of Honour to Professor Louis Boon for his contribution to the development and reputation of Maastricht University. The Executive Board views the conferral of this award to Louis Boon as a suitable display of appreciation.

Louis Boon has made a considerable contribution to expanding Maastricht University over the past thirty years. He served as dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, initiated the establishment of the Faculty of Psychology and served as one of its first deans. Special mention should be made of his role as dean of University College Maastricht. He stood at the helm of this programme, which was entirely unique in the Netherlands at the time.

Boon was also one of the founding fathers of the Maastricht Science Programme and a founding dean of University College Venlo. This initiative was extremely successful under his inspiring leadership. By developing and implementing innovative academic concepts, he made an important contribution to the international profile of the university and the South Limburg region.

As a director and a driving force, he enriched our university with an exceptional faculty and unique lectures, and passionately advocated for further internationalisation. He was an excellent educator and a true inspiration for generations of students. Professor Louis Boon bidded farewell to UM on 1 January 2017.

Year Winner
2016 Louis Boon
2015 Herman Kingma
2014 André Postema

Wynand Wijnen Education Prize

The Wynand Wijnen Education Prize is an annual prize awarded to members of the UM teaching staff who have made an exceptional contribution to education at Maastricht University. This prize is awarded during the Dies Natalis.

Year Winner
2016 Dr. Jeanette Hommes, SBE
2015 Dr. Anja Krumeich
2014 Catalina Goanta, FL
2013 Jaap Bos, Gwen Noteborn and Sjoke Merk, SBE
2012 Dr. Jan de Roder, FASoS
2011 Dr. B. van Diepen en dr. C. Kerckhofs, SBE
2010 Dr. Dirk Tempelaar, SBE
2009 Gwen Noteborn, Kelly Guyskens, Nina Belei en Claudia Jabmad, SBE
2008 Gerard Maijoor en Ton de Goeij, FHML
2007 Rob de Vries, FPN
2006 Louis Boon, Gerard Korsten, Anouk Cuijpers, Ans Netjes, Pascal Suppens, UCM
2005 Herco Fonteijn, FPN
2004 Bob Wilkinson, Language centre
2003 Prof.dr. Eric Heineman, FHML
2002 André Meijer, FHML
2001 Prof.dr. Anita Jansen, FPN
2000 Oefenrechtbank, Law
1999 Dr. A. Paulus, FHML
1998 Staf Multimedialab, FASoS
1997 H. Schneider, FL
1996 Dr S. Romme, SBE
1995 Mevr. H. Snellen - Balendong, FHML O&O

UM Award

The UM Award is an annual award given to staff members who have served the university with special merit, be it on an academic, managerial or service level. The UM Award is presented at the New Year's reception.

Year Winner
2016 Len Cuppens, Bakir Bulić
2015 Brigitte Caenen-Alblas, Birgitte Hendrickx
2014 Roel Spätjens, René Gabriels
2013 Chantal Kuijpers, FL, Ali Jahanshahianvar, FHML
2012 Alejandro Lavopa, Chair PhD Academy
2011 Erie van den Heuvel, Nutrim, Martin Tossings, CARIM (passed away in 2012)
2010 Prof.dr. Corine de Ruiter, FPN, Ingrid Wijk, Denise Vilerius and Margot Krijnen, Kids College
2009 Ien van de Leur, FASOS, Lou Quaden, FD
2008 Tiny Simon, MUO, Dr Ton. de Goeij, FHML
2007 Ine Kuppen, Alumni Officer, Prof.dr. Arnoud Arntz, FPN

More information

  UM Award - Regulations



UM Student Award

The UM Student Award is annually awarded to a student (or group of students) at Maastricht University who, in addition to their studies, have made a special contribution to culture or society. The award consists of a piece of art and € 1.000,-. In addition, a portrait of the winner is hung up in the ‘student hall of fame’ in the UM administrative building. The winner of the award is announced during the Opening of the Academic Year. 

Winners UM Student Award 2016

During the Opening of the Academic Year on September 5th, 2016, Matthijs Bosveld and Sjim Romme received the UM Student Award 2016.

Matthijs is a student of Medicine and Sjim is a student of Health Sciences. They have developed a multidisciplinary initiative that is enriching the curricula of both of their study programmes. Matthijs and Sjim were both touched by the issue of a lack of empathy shown by healthcare providers — something often attested to by patients. To address this, they set up the project Person Behind the Patient (Mens Achter de Patiënt). The project brings patients and students together in pairs. These get-togethers revolve not around the patient’s illness, but around the person who has the illness: the person behind the patient.

Matthijs and Sjim have worked hard to integrate their initiative into the curricula of Medicine and Health Sciences by spreading the word and by setting up a plan for lecturers. Their project Person Behind the Patient has been described as a real eye-opener for healthcare professionals.

Overview of previous UM Student Award winners:

Year Winner
2015 Aurelia Streit, Student and Society Initiative
2014 Board of the 'Gezondheidsuniveristeit'
2013 Foundation BONT and Maastricht Eco-Map
2012 Taskforce Qualitative Resuscitation by Students
2011 Mpower Foundation
2009 Anna Theuvenet
2008 Marjolein Buss and Lennard Duijvestijn
2007 KALEIDOSCOPE Maastricht
2006 MUSTANGH Foundation
2005 Navtej Talwar
2004 Evelien van der Zon
2003 Werkgroep Allochtone Studenten
2002 Michael Hoeck
2001 Independent Fraternity Que Pasa
2000 Jasper Grosskurth and Bas de Zwaan