Step 3: Improve to further develop your impact


When it comes to boosting the impact of your research, there is no finish line. As a society, we are always learning new things and communicating in new ways. So for our research to be the most effective, we have to continually improve and progress to the next level—to the next level of academic understanding and to the next level of engagement with society.

Training activities in development

As a faculty, we are also still learning—about the needs of our researchers when it comes to boosting their impact and about the best ways to meet those needs. We are currently developing training activities and workshops to help you optimise the impact of your research in the legal field. As soon as these are finalised, we will publish more information here. If there is any information you would like for us to cover in these activities, please let us know by sending an email to

University Library training activities

The UM University Library offers the following relevant training activities:

  • Evaluating and increasing research impact: This course offers you the opportunity to learn strategies that aim at increasing the likelihood of an article being cited, discussed or otherwise mentioned.
  • Personal branding online: In this self-guided tutorial, you will learn how to build and maintain a professional online image. It covers topics such as self-branding, social networking sites and online identity management, including legal issues.

Engage with like-minded colleagues at MPCER

The Maastricht Platform for Community-Engaged Research (MPCER) platform is for UM researchers from various disciplines who are looking to have a positive impact on society by engaging the community in their research as well as to collaborate with researchers who have the same ambition.

Additional UM learning resources

  • Writing for the internet: If you are writing a blog or articles for LinkedIn, for instance, the UM guide on writing for the internet has excellent tips and a checklist.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): To help make your blog, articles, videos, etc. findable for a wider audience, follow the SEO guide.

Further reading and sources

If you are looking to read more about how to boost the impact of your research, we recommend the following resources, which we have used to help prepare our ‘how to’ guides:

 Please contact for questions regarding
individual support (at the UM Faculty of Law) for boosting the impact of your research.