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Endowed professors

For a specific overview of the endowed professors affiliated with Maastricht University, please see this document (in Dutch). Special chairs are established by an external party. The document indicates whether the external party is also the chair's funder or whether there is no external funding.

Externally funded chairs

In addition to special chairs that may be externally funded, UM has a limited number of regular chairs with external funding. You will find this in this document.

Ancillary activities

Below you can find a document with an overview of ancillary activities of all professors affiliated with Maastricht University. This overview is in accordance with additional rules on transparency of ancillary activities of professors, as agreed upon by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. We have collected the data for drawing up the overview from the university's personnel system; for the list of professors as well as the ancillary activities, as stated by the professors. This overview is updated four times per year.

Download the document Ancillary activities of professors