Faculty of Law

Disability access

Both locations of the Faculty of Law – Bouillonstraat 1-3 (BOU 1-3) and Kapoenstraat 2 (KAP 2), are relatively well accessible for people with a physical disability. On this webpage you can find information about parking spaces, public transport from and to the university, accessibility for wheelchair users, accessible toilets and how to act in case of an evacuation.

Be aware that the Maastricht city centre consists largely of historical buildings and cobbled streets, which can be unpleasant for wheelchair users.


There are three parking spaces for people with a physical disability in front of the building BOU 1-3. The parking facility behind the building also has a parking space for people with a physical disability. However, this parking lot is difficult to access for wheelchair users.

Public transport

The journey planner 9292.nl (also available in English) provides up-to-date information about public transport links. The university has a number of bus and rail links. Several transport companies offer extra facilities to enable passengers with a disability to access public transport, stations and stops. Please visit the website of the transport company for more information on accessibility:

  • NS (Dutch railway)
  • Arriva (buses, information in Dutch only)
  • De Lijn (Belgian buses that also stop in Maastricht).

Wheelchair entrance

The Faculty of Law has two buildings that are both used for offices as well as education purposes.

Bouillonstraat 1-3

The main entrance (BOU 1-3) and side entrance (Lenculenstraat 26) of the first Law building are wheelchair accessible. You can access the parking lot (Lenculenstraat 14) through the green gate at the right of the building.

The elevator is located in the front of the building (follow the signs). The faculty is open on weekdays from 08.00 to 21.00. 

Kapoenstraat 2

The Faculty of Law also has a building on the Kapoenstraat 2. This building is also accessible through the parking lot at Lenculenstraat 14, or directly via the entrance at KAP 2. The main and side entrance are both wheelchair accessible. The building is open from 08.00 to 21.00. If you have an appointment with an employee, let them know that they should book an accessible meeting room.

Elevators and stairs

  • BOU 1-3 has an elevator to the ground floor, first floor and second floor.
  • KAP 2 also has an elevator.
  • All stairwells in the faculty buildings have at least one armrest.

Rooms with no wheelchair access

The following rooms are only accessible by stairs:

  • The entire D zone
  • A1.010. A1.014, A1.016, A1.018, A1.024 en A1.026d
  • C1.301, C1.303a, C1.303b, C2.304a.
  • The 3rd floor of the A, B and C zones

To find your way through the building, sign in at the Front Office. The employees are happy to help you.


You can find the accessible toilet at BOU 1-3 in the back of the building on the ground floor (follow the signs). The room number is C0.315 and you can pick up the key at the reception.

The accessible toilets at KAP 2 are on the first floor, room 1.007a and 1.007b. The first floor is accessible by elevator.


In an emergency the lifts will not be in use. If you need help to evacuate via the stairs, assistance is available: our Emergency Response Officers will help you exit via the stairwell using the evacuation chair provided in the SSC building.

If the fire alarm is activated in an emergency:

  • make your way to the nearest fire exit stairwell
  • tell others you need help so they can alert those managing the evacuation
  • if there is a telephone at your refuge area, use it to call 1333; otherwise dial +31 (0)43 3875566 on your mobile phone to inform Central Services of your location
  • stay in the stairwell refuge area until the evacuation team arrives.

For more information, also check out the maps of the faculty’s buildings:

Bouillonstraat 1-3

Kapoenstraat 2

Information for people with a hearing impairment

There are no audio induction loops in any of the rooms.