MUNDO Projects

MUNDO activities revolve around – mostly large scale – collaboration projects, aiming at institutional capacity building and human resources development. MUNDO projects include, among others, staff development and staff exchanges, technical assistance, workshops, fellowships, research cooperation, infrastructural development, etc. 

Most projects are funded externally, for instance, by donor agencies like the Netherlands government and the European Commission. In the execution of its projects, MUNDO draws on the broad expertise of Maastricht University's staff and their experience with innovative, student-centred, Problem-Based Learning approaches.

Projects implemented by SHE Collaborates

  • University of Development Studies,
    Tamale, Ghana
  • University for Development Studies,
    Tamale, Ghana

  • School of Hygiene, Accra, Ghana

  • Catholic University of Mocambique,
    ISCISA Mocambique

  • Sana’a High Institute of Health Sciences,
    Sana’a, Yemen
  • Batterjee Medical College,
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


  • Al Rahji University,
    Quassim, Saudi Arabia


  • Jazan University,
    Jazan, Saudi Arabia
  • Medical Specialty Board,
    Masqat (Muscat), Oman
  • Monterrey University,
    Monterey, Mexico