Disability access Brightlands Chemelot Campus

On this page you will find information about the disabled accessibility of Brightlands Chemelot Campus, located at Urmonderbaan 22 in Geleen. The campus is accessible by car, public transportation and on foot.

Accessibility by car

The campus is easily accessible by car. The entrance for cars is secured by a barrier. There is one parking space on the campus especially for disabled persons. It is located in the parking garage under the center court (Building 200). The parking lot is right by the elevator shaft. Access to the elevator shaft is by push button. The other parking spaces on campus are not specifically reserved for the disabled, but can be used as disabled parking.

Accessibility public transport

A bus stop can be found directly in front of the campus entrance, from here it is another 20 meters to the campus entrance. The pedestrian entrance to the campus is secured by a turnstile. Experience has shown that this is inconvenient for wheelchair users and they would be better off using the turnstile entrance for cars.

UM location building 200

Maastricht University is housed in building 200 (center court) on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Building 200 is the main building of the campus where all facilities are located (reception, catering, service desk, coffee corner, meeting rooms).


The building is equipped with 3 Miva toilets:

  • Floor 0: To the left of the reception/desk.
  • Floor 1: Behind the elevator shaft.
  • Floor 2: To the right of the elevator shaft.

UM location AMIBM building 001

AMIBM is also housed in Building 001. This is the oldest building (1940) on the campus. Maastricht University is located here on the first floor.

The first floor entrance can be reached by walking and hiking paths on campus. Wheelchair users should take the first floor entrance here, which is located on the side of building 006. Other entrances, unfortunately, cannot be used due to stairs and passageways that are too small.

Accessibility UM compartments

The UM compartment has a long, fairly wide hallway. The doorways are a little narrower and tighter at some labs, making accessibility for wheelchair users a little less. Some labs also have thresholds. These are, however, (in my estimation) easy to access.


The 'Miva-toilet' in Building 001 is located on the first floor, right next to the entrance to the AMIBM compartment.