Paid PhD positions

In most countries, a doctoral candidate is considered a student who studies. But in the Netherlands, PhD candidates are traditionally researchers employed by a university to complete a dissertation or thesis. These job vacancies are posted online, and you will need to apply as if you would for any other job. Since these jobs allow you to complete your PhD degree while earning a salary and without paying tuition fees, they are highly competitive. Therefore, you should prepare your application carefully. Once you are hired, your research will be conducted on the topic specified in the vacancy and in conjunction with a faculty, research institute or research school. Most candidates complete their PhD within four years. 

Many graduates find PhD positions through:

Please note that you must either be eligible for employment in the Netherlands or obtain a knowledge worker visa to qualify for a paid PhD position. To learn more about Dutch research and higher education, you can read a Beginner's Guide to Dutch Academia.


Working climate according to our PhDs

Maastricht University is a young and dynamic university, and we pride ourselves on our teamwork and collegiality. As a PhD candidate, you will be treated as a colleague, not a student. You will be an integral member of our vibrant academic community. 

Check out the video to hear what our PhDs say about working at Maastricht University.

Overview of PhD vacancies

Below is an overview of some of the PhD vacancies on the Academic Transfer website. Please note that this may not be a full list of the available vacancies. Also, vacancies for English-speaking candidates are sometimes placed on the Dutch section of Academic Transfer, so it is best to check the listings in both languages.  

More vacancies

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