Research services and facilities

The Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) works towards innovative and high quality research facilities. Research infrastructure is a precondition for the realisation of the FHML research programme.

Central research facilities

Apart from the faculty services, FHML accommodates some central research facilities:

Central Glass & Sterilisation Services (CGSA)
Electron Microscopy (ELMI)
Enabling Technologies  
Radio Nuclides Laboratory (RNL)
Ultra Centrifuge Lab (UCL)

Central services

Staff members can also make use of the central services offered by the service centres of Maastricht University. The activities of the Contract Research Centre, i.e. funding advice, operational management, legal advice, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), spin-off advice, financial, tax and administrative advice, training and coaching are largely taken care of within FHML.