Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an overview of frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Then send us an e-mail.

Alumni Circles

Alumni email address

Send your questions about your alumni email account to

Do I have an alumni email address?
Your alumni email address is an additional email address linked to your student mailbox. The login procedure is exactly the same as with your student email account and you will still be able to access emails from your student email account. Your alumni email account will become active after your graduation date. If you have any questions or ambiguities, please contact ICTS.

PhD candidates who did not study at Maastricht University (UM) prior to their PhD trajectory will unfortunately not receive an alumni email account. This is because you must have had a student email account, PhD students use an employee email account during their PhD trajectory.

How can I change the password of my alumni e-mail account? 
In case you have lost your password, or if you have not received a password for your UM account, please visit an ICTS Front Office with a valid passport/identity card or use this website to request a new password. If this is not possible, please send a copy of a valid passport/identity card to Also include a phone number where they can reach you and assign a new password. Make sure your citizen service number is unrecognisable and state on this copy that it is only intended for a password change at Maastricht University. You can also use this website to change your password.

Microsoft 365
Before the alumni mail address expires, your mailbox will first move to Microsoft 365. Because current email system of UM is outdated and there is no optimal integration with other applications (e.g. Microsoft Teams), we will start using a new email system: Exchange Online from Microsoft 365. This will prepare us for the future and make us more secure against cyber attacks. Nothing will change in the way you send emails. 

You can continue to use Outlook, webmail, mobile devices or other applications as usual, but there are a few changes after the move to Microsoft 365:
- Outlook (Windows): No action required
- Outlook Web App (webmail): an intermediate window will now appear when logging in
- Mobile apps such as Android Mail, iOS mail, Outlook Mobile and other apps such as Thunderbird and Evolution: here you have to add your account again. Via this link you will find a simple step-by-step plan to do this. 

As soon as it is your mailbox's turn to move to Microsoft 365, you will receive an e-mail from ICTS two weeks in advance with the scheduled date. You will also receive a reminder a week in advance. The actual moment of relocation is something we cannot time exactly. When your mailbox is moved, you will receive an Outlook pop-up asking you to restart Outlook. To change your applications on your mobile phone, please follow the steps described on the information page.

Alumni Portal

How can I create an account on the Alumni Portal? 
Please send your request to in order to receive your personal registration code. Please mention your first and last name, date of birth and place of birth for us to verify your identity.

How can I reset my password? 
Click here to reset your password.

I made a portal account, but I forgot my user name
Send an e-mail to and ask for your user name. Please mention your first and last name, date of birth and place of birth for us to verify your identity


I am a non-Dutch graduate and I would like to work in the Netherlands, can you provide advice? 
Welcome to NL offers insights into living and working in the Netherlands. It’s packed with information on Dutch business culture, our innovative sectors and what it’s like to live here as an international resident. Covering everything from permits and financial matters to family life and education.

Contact preferences

How can I change my contact preferences?
Please fill in this form to change your contact preferences. 


How can I change my data in the alumni database?
There are two possibilities:

Click here to read the Privacy Statement of the UM Alumni Office. 

Diploma and gradelist

Can I receive a copy of my diploma and/or gradelist? 
For Dutch alumni it is possible to download a free digital extract of your diploma on the website of DUO. For other questions or if you cannot login into the website of DUO, please contact the exam bureau of your faculty:

Graduation ceremony

Can you provide me with more information about my graduation ceremony?
The UM Alumni Office does not organize graduation ceremonies. Please send your questions to one of the e-mail addresses below:

Privacy Statement

Where can I read the Privacy Statement of the UM Alumni Office?
You can read the Privacy Statement of the UM Alumni Office here

Proof of registration or payment

Can you send my proof of registration or payment?
Contact the Student Service Center by email at or by phone at +31 43 388 5388.


Can I get a discount on software via UM?
Only active students and employees of the UM can get a software-discount via Surfsport. This discount is not applicable to alumni. 


I would like to receive the UMagazine, how can I arrange this?
The UMagazine is an English-language magazine for the external relations of Maastricht University and our alumni. It provides news and background information about education and research at UM, about alumni, alumni affairs and fundraising. It appears three times a year. Click here for the online version.

Alumni can subscribe to the UMagazine for free by sending an email to or by writing a letter to MUO/D&A, Alumni Office, Postbus 616, 6200 MD Maastricht. Also state your date of birth and place of birth so that we can verify your identity.


Can I still make use of the facilities of UM SPORTS? 
UM alumni are entitled to a UM SPORTS membership for the rest of their lives, and can thus make use of the sports facilities at Maastricht University. Continue to join your favourite group class, training or course, or stay in shape by working out in the gym. 

The UM SPORTS website offers information about the sports programme, the memberships and special alumni rates. Visit the service desk at the University Sports Centre (P. Debyeplein 15, Maastricht) if you decide to become a member; bring a copy of your diploma (may also be a picture) and bank card.

University Library

Can I still visit the University Library? 
The University Library offers alumni the following services:

  • Access to two library locations (inner city and Randwyck)
  • Explanation on the spot by library staff about the services you can expect 
  • Use of all hardcopy and electronic* information sources in the building, including material from the learning spaces and depot.
  • Borrowing books from own collection (maximal 10 books at once)
  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL): requests for books and periodicals from other libraries.
  • Free participation in information skills education from the University Library, such as specific training in how to search specialised databases. 

*Most electronic information sources are unfortunately not available to you from home or elsewhere due to licenses, but require a physical presence in the University Library.

To gain access to these services, we ask you to become a member of the University Library at a a reduced rate. This membership is personal and for private use only. There are also costs associated with ILL. Visit the service desk at the UB to become a member; bring a copy of your diploma (may also be a picture) and bank card.

You can find more information on the UB website here. Do you have questions about the membership for alumni? Contact Ask your librarian

Vacancies and internships

Can the UM Alumni Office help me in finding a job or internship? 
We would like to refer you to UM Career Services which can provide: 

  • Links to UM vacancy databases
  • Links to external vacancy websites
  • Information on working and living abroad 
  • Workshops
  • Career events
  • Career advice
  • Help in setting up your own company

You can also visit the UM Vacancy Board to see vacancies for recent graduates and professionals. The board also lists internships, part-time jobs and voluntary positions.

Can I provide an internship or vacancy to the UM?
Please send an e-mail to Thank you!