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UMagazine offers an insight into the key developments and achievements in education and research at Maastricht University. The magazine is printed three times a year.

The June edition includes a portrait of university vice president Nick Bos. After 25 years at UM, he is now set to retire. The man who initially aspired to an academic career discovered that his true gift lay in facilitating other academics.

Konrad Kollnig received an AiNed Fellowship grant for his research on how we can enforce laws related to AI, privacy and competition. “The responsible authorities are usually made up of lawyers and economists. Great people with good intentions, without a doubt—but if you want to regulate technology, you also need experts in those fields.”

With her postdoctoral research, Carolien Bouvier hopes to help museums conserve art by revealing its underlying chemical composition. Even paintings that are hundreds of years old are subject to ongoing chemical processes, Bouvier says.

According to Nancy Bocken, professor of Sustainable Entrepreneurship, society is stuck on a one-way highway of value destruction. She shows how we can shift gears from linear consumption to a circular economy.

Experience shows that anybody can fall victim to a miscarriage of justice. With a new database, Jenny Schell-Leugers is investigating the extent of the problem in Europe.

What determines a person’s financial wellbeing? Jenna Barrett conducted PhD research on this subject under the supervision of Lisa Brüggen. And the KidzCollege has been linking primary schools with the university for 15 years. How did this initiative come about?

This time, Soul Kitchen offers a peek into the kitchen of Pieter du Plessis, who was born and raised in South Africa. And we meet alum Saara Martinmäki, who came to UM to pursue a master’s in Clinical Psychology. She now conducts research on the wellbeing of humanitarian aid workers and advises international organisations on how best to support their employees.

Read about all this and more in the June issue of UMagazine!

UMagazine stories

  • Nick Bos describes himself as “a fairly rational person.” When he so much as mentions words like pleasure, love or lonely, he immediately corrects himself: “Well, love is a big word. Let’s just say my affinity with the university blossomed at UM.” In Maastricht, the man who initially aspired to an...

  • UM alumni Brian and Rob Timmermans combined their degrees in Econometrics and Sustainable Finance with their passion for karate, resulting in an ever-expanding trophy collection. Both brothers are multi-time and reigning Dutch champions in their respective weight classes and have achieved success on...

  • Roberta Haar and Hylke Dijkstra have each received a €3 million EU Horizon grant to study multilateralism. “I approached Hylke to join forces—and he told me no,” Haar laughs. “It was only two months before the deadline,” Dijkstra protests. Either way, it worked out well for both of them—and...

More news items
  • What will the sustainable city of the future look like? To answer this question, we shouldn’t just ask experts, says postdoctoral researcher Özlemnur Ataol. The youngest users of the urban environment—children and young people—should get a say too. Creating cities in which they can thrive will...

  • How can 3D models be preserved? This is the idea behind PURE3D, a project in which Costas Papadopoulos and Susan Schreibman are developing an infrastructure for the preservation and publication of 3D scholarship. In the future, the platform may also provide a new way of accessing cultural heritage....