Team Sustainability

Our sustainability programme focuses on three pillars: education, research and operations. Our ambition is to hold a leading position in our education and research and to comply with accepted standards when it comes to our business operations.

The programme team works closely with the sustainability coordinator of each pillar: operations, education and research. The coordinators are supported by the UM Green Office and cooperate with the UM Green Network. This project organisation supports any initiatives, small or large, coming from all layers within the organisation. 

Programme Team Sustainable UM 2030
Frank Boons (Chair), Academic Lead Sustainability
Jeroen Warnier, Sustainability Officer
Sandy Langenhuizen, Communications Officer Sustainability
Yvonne van der Meer, Research Lead SUM2030
Rabbe Dormans, Coordinator Sustainable Operations
Clarence Bluntz, Coordinator Sustainable Education
Ahmed Hussain, Coordinator Sustainable Research
Nicole Rijkens, Projectmanager Regional Collaborations

Sustainability Supervisory Board
Pamela Habibović, Rector Magnificus UM
Nick Bos, Executive Board UM
Thomas Cleij, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering
Gaby Odekerken, Associate Dean Internationalisation and Impact
Frank Boons, Academic Lead Sustainability
Jeroen Warnier, Sustainability Officer

UM Green Network

The Green Network is the sustainability web within the university. This network consists of the sustainability initiatives affiliated with the Sustainability Hub and the Faculty Green Teams, of which each faculty has one. The Green Network is comprised of dedicated staff and students from across UM who are helping to raise awareness and build a sustainability community within UM.

UM Green Teams

A crucial part of the Green Network are the Faculty Green Teams. Each of the six faculties has a Green Team that works on integrating sustainability within the faculty and connecting sustainability initiatives UM-wide. Their mission is to drive a culture of sustainability and awareness, actively promoting positive environmental change, fostering collaboration, and empowering the university community to engage in sustainability-focused initiatives, thereby contributing to the University's 2030 sustainability roadmap.

The Green Teams are supported by the Sustainable UM 2030 programme team and UM Green Office. Do you want to reach out to the Green Teams? Email the UM-Green Office

FPN Green Team

FPN Green Team

The Green Team of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

The FPN Green Team is advocating a sustainable lifestyle at UM and they would like to implement sustainability in the curriculum of their faculty. They are focussed on the themes of Community and Mental Health. They organise different events at their faculty, such as clothing swaps, Climate Fresks and Sustainability Symposiums.


FHML green team cropped

FHML Green Team

The Green Team of the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

The goal of the FHML Green Team is working on a plant based university and faculty wide awareness. They are focussed on organising pratical en educational events around the themes Community and Sustainable Diet and Food Waste.


FASOS green team

FASoS Green Team

The Green Team of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The FASoS Green Team has set the goal to make sustainable actions convenient in daily life and are connecting with sustainable bubbles to make sustainability fun and inclusive. They are working with the themes Community and Circularity. Projects they are working on are Movie Screenings outside of the faculty and clothing rack events.


FSE green team

FSE Green Team

The Green Team of the Faculty of Science and Engineering

The FSE Green Team is trying to raise awareness on wasted material and energy. They are working on a more circular and efficient university. They are working within the themes of Circularity and Energy Efficiency. Projects they are working on are organic waste bins and introducing educational projects within programmes.


Law Green Team

Law Green Team

The Green Team at the Faculty of Law

The Green Team at Law wants to work on a community for climate action and they want to connect Law to sustainability and climate. They are eager to work on bottom up initiatives and student empowerment. They are working within the themes of Intersectional Climate Justice and Inter-generational Justice. Projects they are working on are Climate Cafés and lectures.


green team SBE

SBE Green Team

The Green Team of the School of Business and Economics.

The Green Team of SBE is working hard on raising awareness on sustainability, they try to promote sustainable behavior and fight misinformation. They are working within the themes of Climate Change Awareness and Circularity. Projects they are working on are foodbank cooking nights and setting up an Instagram page to promote awareness.