FHML Honours Programme

The FHML Honours Programme is an extracurricular activity in bachelor years 2 and 3, for talented students who want an extra challenge next to their study programme. You'll have elective courses, visit workshops/lectures and are actively involved in research projects dealing with recent developments in healthcare, medicine and life sciences; biomedical and social sciences, historical and philosophical disciplines will also play their part.

You will acquire skills in organising and accomplishing academic research; acquire competences such as analysing, cooperating and leading a project; and obtain a better understanding of the complexity of the relationship between science and society.

Is it for you? Is this your next step?

The Honours Programme is offered to a limited number of students from all fields of study within FHML, plus students from the University of Midwifery Education & Studies (AVMU), who are:
 Highly motivated,
 Who have acquired all study credits of year 1.

The programme demands 420 hours of study in the course of 18 months.

What are the benefits for you?

  • You will participate in an extra FHML curricular programme, based on PBL
  • You will work on a real life research project in a multidisciplinary team of students
  • You will advance your personal competencies and academic skills
  • You will have access to the UM Honours+ programme and Edlab facilities
  • You will have access to the FHML Honours Programme Alumni Network 

Real life research project

You will work on a real life research project in a multidisciplinary team. Those projects are usually connected with a request from a company or institution in healthcare. Some examples are:

  • Organizing an International Congress for the Pathological Society (Project from Dept. of Pathology)
  • Artificial Intelligence-based Decision Support Systems “How can we build multifactorial Decision Support Systems to facilitate precision medicine” (Project from Dept. of Precision Medicine)
  • The Effects of Chronic Exposure to Air Pollution on Human Health (Project from Dept. of Toxicology)


Deadline for application for the FHML Honours Programme is Friday 20 June 2023, 23.59h CET.

FHML students can apply via askFHML. Students from the University of Midwifery Education & Studies (AVMU) can apply via email to honoursfhml@maastrichtuniversity.nl