Law and Tech people

The Maastricht Law and Tech Lab brings together a vibrant multi- and inter-disciplinary community from the Maastricht University Law Faculty and beyond.

Our Lab members come from all legal fields: from criminal to public and private law. We also closely work together with the Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, the Institute of Data Science and the Department of Advanced Computing Sciences and are part of the wider Data Science @UM Community. Some of our Lab members have a shared appointment with the Institute of Data Science or the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering. We also collaborate with student fellows through our grassroots student organization Technolawgeeks, and with affiliated members working at the intersection of law and technology from the perspective of multiple disciplines and methods.

External Affiliates

  • Vlada Druţă (joint PhD)
  • Ashton East (external PhD)
  • Kimani Goddard (external PhD)
  • Kevin Jacobs (external PhD)
  • Stephan Mulders (external PhD)


Research Assistants

  • Alexandra Panghe

  • Vishal Venkat

  • David Wicker

Former Staff

  • Aurelia Tamo-Larrieux (University of Lausanne)
  • Maxine Hanrieder (industry)
  • Bogdan Covrig (industry)
  • Ruta Liepina (Univ. Bologna / consultancy)
  • Kody Moodley (eScience Center Netherlands)
  • Turgay Saba (industry)
  • Catalina Goanta (Utrecht University)
  • Matthias van der Haegen (public sector)
  • Andreea Grigoriu (industry)