Research programme at the Faculty of Law

Dynamics between legal orders

Our Faculty engages in doctrinal legal research, comparative legal studies, interdisciplinary analysis, empirical investigation, philosophical deliberation, and historical inquiry. We are especially, although not exclusively, interested in interactions in and between different legal orders such as that of the Netherlands, the European Union, and international law.

It is through the lens of these interacting legal orders that we study issues related to individuals, organisations, and institutions within their legal, social, political, economic, cultural, environmental, and historical context. As a law faculty situated in the Netherlands, we of course also research issues from a Dutch legal perspective and publish in Dutch.

Dynamics between legal orders

There is a lot to tell about research at our Faculty. For example: did you know that our research programme rests on five pillars? 
Monica Claes, our former vice dean for research, talks about it in this video.

Our five research streams

Our research activities are organised into five interrelated research streams. We examine these streams using a range of legal and non-legal disciplines.