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In our teaching and research we highlight major developments in societies and cultures as they have unfolded during the modern and contemporary eras. We seek to gain understanding of the interrelationships of Europeanisation, globalisation, scientific and technological development, political change and cultural innovation. We are interested in how today’s societies cope with these challenges through, amongst others, practices of remembrance, governance techniques, strategies for managing knowledge, technologies and risks and ways of dealing with diversity and inequality. Yet, understanding our present world is impossible without insight into its past. This is why historical research serves as a key element of our scholarly and educational identity.



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Christine Neuhold

Christine Neuhold: Brexit's long shadow

While several parties in the latest UK election promised a second referendum, reconfirmed prime minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives won an overwhelming mandate to “get Brexit done”.
Professor of EU Democratic Governance and Director of Maastricht University Campus Brussels Christine Neuhold talks about the need for informed debate and how complicated it is to leave the EU – or be in it.

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Kathleen Gabriels

Katleen Gabriels: Rules for robots - towards a more civil robot apocalypse

Katleen Gabriels is Assistant professor of Philosophy, she is a moral philosopher, specialised in computer ethics. She looks into how morality and computer technologies influence each other. Her new book "Rules for Robots. Ethics and Artificial Intelligence" asks some questions that will need to be answered very soon.

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NWO Vici Grant for Cyrus Mody

Cyrus Mody

Cyrus Mody, historian of science and technology at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, has received an NWO Vici grant of €1,500,000 for his research project ‘Managing Scarcity and Sustainability: The Oil Industry, Environmentalism, and Alternative Energy in the Age of Scarcity’.

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  • Raf de Bont

    Raf de Bont appointed member of the KNAW Council of the Humanities

    Monday, May 18, 2020

    FASoS research Raf de Bont has been appointed member of the Council of the Humanities (KNAW)

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  • Sem Duijndam

    FASoS alumnus nominated for Daniel Heinsius Thesis Prize

    Monday, May 18, 2020

    Alumnus Sem Duijndam (Research MA European Studies) has been nominated for the Daniel Heinsius Thesis Prize

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  • Harro van Lente

    Harro van Lente appointed member ZonMW societal dynamics panel COVID-19

    Tuesday, May 12, 2020

    FASoS professor Harro van Lente has been appointed as member of one of the three expert panels for the ZonMW/NWO funding programme COVID-19.

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  • Joep Leerssen

    Joep Leerssen wins ALLEA’s Madame de Staël Prize for Cultural Values

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020

    Joep Leerssen, Professor of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam and special chair Limburg and Europe at FASoS, has won the Madame de Staël Prize for Cultural Values.

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  • Klaartje Peters

    Klaartje Peters member of evaluation committee of Dutch emergency law on online decision-making

    Tuesday, April 21, 2020

    Klaartje Peters, holder of the Special Chair on Local and regional Governance at FASoS, will be member of an evaluation committee of the Dutch emergency law on online decision-making in municipalities and provinces.

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  • cerim

    Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) awards two prizes

    Monday, April 20, 2020

    The Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) awarded two prizes in the academic year 2019-2020 to appreciate efforts to integrate research and teaching, and to reward outstanding interdisciplinary research.

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