Disability access FASoS

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is housed in 5 buildings (Grote Gracht, Maastricht). All buildings are fairly accessible for people with a physical disability, although there are some exceptions. Details about accessibility for wheelchair users, including the location of disabled toilets and floor plans can be found in the detailed descriptions for each building.

Below you will find more general information about disabled parking, public transport links to and from the faculty and what to do in the event of an evacuation.


Parking spaces

The faculty has one car park behind the buildings Grote Gracht 90-92 and Grote Gracht 76 for staff and visitors. The nearest disabled parking facility is on the Kommel 10, which is about 180 meters from the main entrance of GG90-92.

Be aware that the Maastricht city centre consists largely of historical buildings and cobbled streets, which can be unpleasant for wheelchair users.

Public transport

The journey planner 9292.nl (also available in English) provides up-to-date information about public transport links. The university has a number of bus and rail links. Several transport companies offer extra facilities to enable passengers with a disability to access public transport, stations and stops. Please visit the website of the transport company for more information on accessibility:

  • NS (Dutch railway)
  • Arriva (buses, information in Dutch only)
  • De Lijn (Belgian buses that also stop in Maastricht).

Emergency and evacuation

During an emergency the elevators will not be in use. If you need help with an evacuation via the stairs, assistance is available. Emergency Response Officers will help you exit.

If the fire alarm is activated in an emergency:

  • make your way to the nearest fire exit stairwell
  • tell others you need help so they can alert those managing the evacuation
  • if there is a telephone at your refuge area, use it to call 1333; otherwise dial +31 (0)43 3875566 on your mobile phone to inform Central Services of your location
  • stay in the stairwell refuge area until the evacuation team arrives.

FASoS Buildings

Grote Gracht 76

Grote Gracht 76s

All flours in this building are accessible for people with a physical disability (including wheel chair users) and has a disabled toilet. The building can be entered via de bicycle shed between buildings Grote Gracht 76s and Grote Gracht 80-82. The door opens automatically with an authorised UM employee or student card.

Floor plans:

Grote Gracht 76s

Grote Gracht 80-82

All parts of this building are accessible for people with a physical disability (including wheel chair users) via de main entrance. The ground floor has a disabled toilet. Grote Gracht 80-82 has a front and a rear building, both have an elevator, which means all floors can be reached.

Floor plans:

Grote Gracht 80-82

Grote Gracht 86

This building is not accessible to wheel chair users and has also limitations for people with a physical disability. The building can only be accessed by stairs and has no disabled toilet.

Floor plans:

Grote gracht 86

Grote Gracht 90-92

This building is easily accessible for people with a physical disability (inluding wheel chair users) and has an elevator, although some parts of the building can only be reached by stairs:

  • C-wing (second floor)
  • D-wing (part of the ground floor, first and second floor)
  • E-wing

A disabled toilet is situated on the ground floor.

Floor plans:

Voorplein Hof van tilly