Subsidiary students

Studying at another faculty in the Netherlands (within or outside Maastricht University) and would you like to study at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience? It's possible!

Non-Maastricht University students

Non-Maastricht University students, from a Dutch university, are welcome to study at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN).
Are you interested in a bachelor's module offered by FPN? Please have a look at the admission requirements per academic year  and at the programme in general. To take modules offered by FPN, that are part of the Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience and Master in Forensic Psychology, you must have obtained a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in a relevant academic field, and be enrolled in a two-year selective master’s programme elsewhere. Modules of the selective masters, Research Master and Forensic Master, are only accessible for subsidiary students who have obtained a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in a relevant academic field. And students who are enrolled in a two-year selective master’s programme elsewhere.

Maastricht University students

  • If you are studying at another faculty of Maastricht University and would like to take a subsidiary subject at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN), then you should apply through the Special Course Approval procedure via the My UM Portal. Please find the manual for Special Course Approval in the Portal as well
  • Your request will be assessed by the Board of Examiners of your home faculty. After approval, the request will be forwarded to the Board of Examiners of FPN who assesses if you can be registered (is there still place, do you meet entrance requirements etc.)
  • In case of approval and availability of enough places, the secretariat of the Education office will inform you about schedules and materials
  • Registration deadlines are applicable
  • If you would like to register for a Minor in Psychology, go to this page.

Registering for individual courses

For non-FPN students, we encourage registration for minor tracks rather than individual courses.

In case you do want to register for an individual course, note that:

  • UM student? Register via special course approval (in student portal)
  • Non-UM student? Register via this form
  • You can maximally register for 5 separate courses per year
  • Premaster students cannot enroll in individual courses of the bachelor Psychology programme
  • You cannot enroll in the following courses:  
  • all master courses
  • first and second year bachelor courses
  • PSY3393  Clinical Psychology package
  • PSY3379 The Professional in Psychology: An Internship
  • PSY3378 A/B Intercultural Awareness 1/2
  • PSY3393 Internship B

You cannot enrol in the following courses (unless it is part of your minor track or when you are an FPN exchange student):

  • PSY3382 Psychedelic Medicine: The therapeutic Potential of mind-altering Substances
  • PSY3392 Psychological prevention, intervention, and therapies
  • PSY3359 Child Neuropsychology
  • PSY3343 Forensic and Legal Psychology in a Nutshell
  • PSY3375 Neuropsychology & Law
  • PSY3341 Behavioural Problems in Childhood and Adolescence