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Engage students and researchers with guest lectures and workshops. Consult SBE’s students and research community to solve your business challenges. Recruit top graduates and motivated interns. SBE students and staff can offer tailor-made solutions for your business. We’re your one-stop shop for recruitment, innovation, research and collaboration with one of the most dynamic and international business schools in Europe and the wider world.

The School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University is open to partnerships of all shapes and sizes and at every level, from NGO to government, small businesses to large corporations, and from regional to international. We offer an ideal environment for collaboration with businesses and organisations to:

  • Work with our students
  • Recruit our students 
  • Research collaborations
  • Custom partnerships

Work with our students

Maastricht University students are well-equipped to add value to your business. Using Problem-Based Learning, our students work on real-life business cases during their study. This gives them the knowledge and know-how to tackle your specific challenges. A double-edged benefit: your business benefits from tailored solutions of next-generation business leaders and our students gain invaluable hands-on experience.

Recruit our students

SBE students are highly sought-after due to their exceptional presentation and communication skills, problem-solving abilities and teamwork (PBL). Education at SBE is internationally oriented, meaning that almost all our students have gained international experience by studying abroad. Are you looking to recruit new talent? Reach out to the next generation of business and economics graduates.

SBE students

Research collaborations

SBE’s research community can provide the innovative solutions our partners need. By working closely with academic specialists, we can address your organisation's specific needs over a period of weeks or even years. This is a two-way street: collaborating on research pushes us to develop our programmes in line with real-world advances, boosting knowledge and exchanges of expertise, talent and resources.

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Custom partnerships

The School of Business and Economics is committed to collaborating and co-creating with external partners as we advocate the integration of real-world challenges into our education and research. Are you looking for a tailored-made programme or collaboration? Contact our Business Partnerships team.

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