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Maastricht University Office

MUO advises and supports the Executive Board, faculties and service centres of Maastricht University. The Support Office advises and supports several governing bodies of Maastricht University and is also part of MUO. Maastricht University Office (MUO) is located in a former convent and courthouse at the 'Minderbroedersberg'.

Academic Affairs

The department of Academic Affairs (AA) within the Maastricht University Office (MUO) advises the Executive Board and faculties on matters regarding research, education, knowledge valorization, internationalization, campus development and the strategy of the university. Academic Affairs also serves as central source of information for faculties and service centers and is often responsible for the initial phase of development of strategic implementation. In addition, AA serves in signaling national and international developments in higher education. 

Academic Affairs supports the university in strengthening its current position based on three main themes: ‘Learning & Innovation’, ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Europe & a Globalising World’ and helps to create a dynamic, innovative learning environment which encourages academic self-reflection and continuous improvement. Academic Affairs also helps to set the conditions in which a student can develop successfully, both academically and socially.

Managing Director
 Michel Walthouwer 

 Jolanda Wilhelmus
 + 31 43 3883101



Corporate Information Office

The CI Office guides, enables and accelerates UM’s digital development and innovation. The team provides clear frameworks for this and works in co-creation with internal and external partners. This allows education and research to excel, supported by professional business operations.

The CI Office is a multidisciplinary team that consists of around 20 employees. They are policy officers with different areas of interest (such as strategy, architecture and privacy & security), and project and programme managers. The team advises and supports the faculties, service centres and the Executive Board on and with digitalisation, digital innovation and the (agile) transformation of the university. The team is also responsible for creating the UM-wide digitalisation strategy and keeps this up to date.

Managing Director
 Marita Keurentjes

 Anne Bisschop

Development & Alumni Relations

The Development & Alumni Relations team consists of the Alumni Office (AO) and the University Fund Limburg (UFL).

The Alumni Office ensures the bonding of UM and its Alumni community. The office maintains the CV data of our alumni, organises and supports alumni circles in our country and (often far) beyond. Various events and meeting moments are organised annually. Communication is also used, including through social media to inform and engage alumni about their 'Alma Mater'. The Alumni Office within D&A works together with the alumni coordinators of the Faculties and Schools.

 For more information, visit the Alumni Office website.

Development & Alumni Relations is also the office of the University Fund Limburg. The University Fund Limburg has supported education and research at UM since its foundation and engages in private fundraising. This enables UM to realise special projects, research and other wishes where regular resources for research and education fall short.

  For more information, please visit the website of the University Fund Limburg.


Managing Director
 Bouwien Janssen

Alumni Office

University Fund Limburg/SWOL

Human Resources Management

At the HRM department at Maastricht University (UM) about 35 HRM employees carry out HR policy within the university. The mission of HRM is to help the university find and retain good employees, including the maintenance of a comfortable work environment where employees can develop professionally. 

UM’s HR policy is focused on developing talent. Uniquely, this not only involves academic and support staff but also students and alumni. Students and alumni are increasingly afforded the opportunity to develop their talents carrying out work for the UM. Internationalisation is also an important aspect that increasingly attracts various nationalities and cultures. The English language is also gaining prominence in all positions within the university.

The HR policy of UM is being realised within the faculties and other organisational units, in consultation with employees and their supervisors and assisted by HR consultants.

This MUO department incorporates the Staff Career Centre (personal career guidance and development, coaching and general advise and support) and the Knowledge Centre or International Staff (KCIS).

 For more information on the HR organisation, HR policy and contact details see: 'Working at UM'.

Managing Director
 Nieke Guillory

Deputy Director
 Kim Kreuwels

 Pernilla van den Boogaard
 + 31 6 34381114
 Charlotte Evers
 + 31 6 34451423
 Nieke Last
 + 31 6 34381118

Legal Affairs

The Legal Affairs department (afdeling Juridische Zaken, or JZ) provides legal and strategic advice and support to the Executive Board, faculties and other divisions of Maastricht University.

Covering a wide area of private, education, privacy, labour and administrative law, the department’s activities are organisation-oriented and conducted for all departments and internal stakeholders of the university.

The Legal Affairs department gives advice and monitors compliance with laws and regulations relating to contracts with other parties such as universities, non-profit organisations or companies (including drafting, negotiating and reviewing), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (for more information: https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/support/um-employees/you-and-your-work/legislation/privacy) and the overall administration of the university. In addition, the Legal Affairs department supports the Board of Appeal for Examinations (CBE), identifies relevant legal developments and assists in legal procedures.

Administrative law /
Education law
Mickey Brauers
Emma Preller
Cindy Schröder
Monique Soons
Board of Appeal for ExaminationsMonique Soons  
Labour LawFabienne Degens
Wendy van Osch
Gilles Raaijmakers
Private lawPaul Bohnen
Suzanne ten Hoeve
Nina Paulissen
Privacy lawMonique Soons 

Managing Director:
Cenay Akin

JZ Department secretariat: 
  Wilma Berger
  +31 6 34381099
  Miranda Franssen
  +31 6 39582057

Marketing & Communications

The department of Marketing & Communications (M&C) is responsible for  improving the reputation of Maastricht University and maintaining/ increasing the university's network. M&C currently has a staff of about 40 working in the following departments: Corporate Communication, Digital Innovation, Editing, Events and Marketing.

M&C communication activities focus on three spearheads:

  • Reputation & Brandmanagement
  • Relationship Management
  • Student Recruitment

Managing Director
  Fons Elbersen 

Secretariat Managing Director
 Alexandra Fixe
 + 31 43 38 82037

Secretariat Deputy Managing Director
Christianne Knaapen
 + 31 43 38 85222




Other teams at MUO

Ceremonies office
Fabienne Dingena / phdoffice@maastrichtuniversity.nl
 + 31 43 38 83096

Registry Executive Board
Nathalie Dirks, Niels Harteman, Maud Knops en Arnold Verhoeven
 + 31 43 38 83286 / +31 43 38 83964

  • Coordinating Director's Board
     Coordinating Director's Board
     + 31 43 38 83096
  • Management Team Deans
     Niels Harteman
     + 31 43 38 83286

Internal audit
 Sjors Olders
 + 31 43 38 82045

Staff Career Centre
 Petra Stein 

MUO Servicepoint
MUO Servicepoint
 + 31 6 467 05 194

Representative participation
Vera Feron en Loïc van Rijn
 +31 6 395 42 665
 +31 6 228 650 51