Fund Your Research

Information on research and education policies and funding programmes

What does the Grants Office offer?

  • Information on grant opportunities:
    • ​Content of funding programmes
    • Research policies
    • Financial, administrative and legal issues of funding programmes
  • Support for your grant proposal (internal and/or external):
    • Advice on developing your idea into a research proposal
    • Editing of and advice on (full) applications
    • Provision of standard texts for non-scientific parts (such as data management, open access publications, etc)
    • Proposal submission and contract negotiation, project management support
  • Coaching of funding prospects for individual career development
  • Intelligence for fund-raising and lobby 

You can find information on grant opportunities on this website and in the database Research Connect (please log in via institutional login). In addition, we offer various courses and individual meetings with the funding advisors. 

Contact person School/Institute

CAPHRI Vivian Braeken
CARIM Willem Wolters
M4i Willem Wolters
MHeNs Marco Berndes
NUTRIM Anne Gilsing
SHE Marco Berndes