Diversity & Inclusivity Office

D&I Education and Social Safety

At the D&I Office, we aim to truly foster an inclusive UM community by embracing its diversity and actively engaging all our community members to become part of the solution. As such, we’ve created the D&I Education and Social Safety webpage to further enable this fostering of inclusivity.

Maybe you are somebody who wants to become a better ally, but don’t really know where to start? Or maybe you want to know something specific about a D&I topic? Perhaps you would like some help regarding social safety? Then rest assured, this page has got you covered!

On this page there are three main sections, namely Resources & Inspiration, Tools & Workshops, and Sexual Violence & Social Safety. Our first two pages are part of our D&I Education focus, whilst detailed information, help and guidance on social safety can be found in the third section. You can find the links to each section in the three dedicated columns down below.

Please never hesitate to inform us of any additional useful/helpful and well-balanced sources to further expand our D&I Education and Social Safety page.

In the spotlight: Sex and Gender - What, Why, and How?

Check out this new video created by D&I organisation UM Pride, in which sex and gender are explained.

"Gender identity can be very personal and everyone can have their own interpretation of their gender identity." - From the video.

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