Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) is an international faculty with students and staff from diverse cultural backgrounds who are linked by their shared curiosity about the human brain. This curiosity drives us to explore the broad field of psychology from a biological and cognitive perspective. By using the Problem-Based Learning method of teaching we encourage a similar curiosity in our students by handing them the tools to discover the world of the human brain.   

Master's Open Day: 18 March 2017

FPN offers high quality master's programmes in many psychology disciplines. Not yet sure what to do after your bachelor's? Sign up for the Master's Open Day!



FPN News

  • MaCSBio receives NWO-TIFN-TKI grant

    MaCSBio receives NWO-TIFN-TKI-grant

    Friday, January 13, 2017

    MaCSBio successfully attracted funding as part of a large NWO-TIFN-TKI project which aims to determine how dietary food intake and physical activity influence plasma glucose control, and how differences in plasma glucose concentrations, in turn, affect the mental and physical performance as well as the well-being.

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  • Adelante and Maastricht University sign a collaboration agreement

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    The purpose of the agreement is to lay out the principles for collaboration in the fields of research and education within the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) at Maastricht University (UM).

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Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience