The collections

The University Library houses collections related to the different faculty disciplines at Maastricht University, a central background collection, learning and resource centre collections and Special Collections. A large part of the faculty and general collections are digitally available in the Online Library.

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Special Collections
The Jesuit Collection is UM Library's most important special collection, comprising some 250,000 volumes. It is a broad humanities collection, offering a range of starting points for the research and teaching activities of the  different faculties of Maastricht University. The Jesuit Collection contains mainly books in the fields of philosophy, history, anatomy, literature, theology, law and social sciences (sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics). Some of the library‚Äôs special collections have direct links to the province of Limburg and its history, such as the personal library of Maastricht poet Pierre Kemp and the documentation collection of painter Charles Eyck. The special collections are classified in seven core collections which are relevant for teaching and research at the UM, as well for individuals and parties from the outside community.

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