Welcome (soon to be) alumni, to our worldwide community: a global network of around 92.000 graduates. 

Out of sight does not mean out of mind, on the contrary; we would like to stay in touch, and hope to see you again at one of our events, like the UM Star Lectures, an informal get-together organised by the local alumni circles or the Coach Cafe. ↓ Curious what else the community has to offer? Read all about the Lifelong Learning programmes, ways to give (back) to UM, and inspiring stories by fellow alumni. P.s. don't forget to update your data to stay informed!

  • I was particularly fascinated by the impact of exercise and nutrition on the human body
    Alejandra Monsegue, alumna Human Movement Sciences
  • Because of the smaller groups, tutors can actively contribute to our growth, I feel like they want to see us succeed.
    Becca Bowers (USA), Alumna, University College Maastricht
  • EPH gave me the interpersonal skills and intellectual know-how to work confidently on various health topics, including mental health
    Emeline Duijsens (Netherlands), Projects and Communications Coordinator / alumni European Public Health
  • Maastricht University Campus Brussels serves as a base for alumni to connect and reconnect.
    Flupke van den Bogart
  • I love the international environment that allows me to acquaint myself with different cultures, and I think the program is very strong.
    Joost Wijffels (The Netherlands), Alumnus, University College Maastricht
  • It's for people who want to do more than one thing and want to be able to combine courses however they want
    Julia König (Germany), Alumna, University College Maastricht
  • I never thought PBL could have such a positive impact on my motivation and willingness to invest more time into academia!
    Katja Hein (Germany/Ireland), Alumna, University College Maastricht
  • The most valuable thing I’ve learned during UCM is that 'it isn’t always that deep'. Sometimes you need to let go of your extreme concernedness about certain things...
    Liza Diane Gordin (Belgium), Alumna, University College Maastricht
  • Joining UCM felt like joining a big family – I have never felt alone or bored.
    Paulina Raniecka (Poland), Alumna, University College Maastricht
  • What struck me most when first started here was the lack of negative energy, peer pressure and competition, which is very refreshing for an honours programme.
    Selma Yacoubi (Morocco), Alumna, University College Maastricht