In January 2007, the faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences merged into the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). In the past 35 years both faculties developed powerful academic educational profiles, which caused the growth of a relationship between the faculties that differs fundamentally from those usually seen between Dutch faculties of this kind; a relationship which is characterised by a well-balanced interest in health and disease, and the aim to complement each other. These characteristics are at the basis of a faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences which is unique in the Netherlands and in Europe.


The former Faculty of Medicine was the first faculty of Maastricht University. Despite the official establishment of Maastricht University on 9 January 1976, the first Medicine students started their study programme in September 1974. Maastricht University was the second university worldwide to apply Problem-Based Learning in its study programmes. In terms of educational systems and organisational structures the other faculties of Maastricht University would follow suit.

Health Sciences

The interdisciplinary focus of the former Faculty of Health Sciences (FdGW) stood out on a national as well as an European level. The format of FdGW enabled students to integrate their academic discipline and research in various domains of society and health and disease. The faculty’s particular approach to research and to undergraduate and postgraduate education contributed to the improved quality of health care.