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The Center for European Studies (CES) at Maastricht University prides itself on providing the best possible European study abroad experiences inside and outside the classroom. For more than 20 years CES has been organising comprehensive, English language study abroad programmes for international students. Back in 1989, CES began as a pioneer in bringing international students into the Maastricht University classroom. Since then although the individual schools and departments within Maastricht University have established their own exchange contracts with partners all over the world, CES programmes continue to make an important contribution to the university’s international outlook and diversity. 

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      FUN FACT 9) You can still visit museums on King’s Day.

      While most of the visitor attractions in Amsterdam close down on King’s Day, some museums remain open for those who want to soak up some culture or simply get some respite from the crowds – you don't even have to take off your orange wig! The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Anne Frank House will all be open this King’s Day.

      Fact: The Rijksmuseum is the only museum in the world that you can cycle through.

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      Kingsland festival for King's Day in Maastricht
      4 hours 25 min ago
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      The European Union is the most ambitious and successful supranational political entity that ever came into being voluntarily in the history of mankind. Because of massive interdependencies — some of them pre-dating its conception and many of them greatly amplified as a result of its deepening and enlargement — the European Union must keep going, and it will. But because of the many problems of unprecedented nature and magnitude generated by its very success, it must keep changing, and it will. How? That is what we will learn in tonight’s lecture.

      Europe's Destiny
      7 hours 16 min ago

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