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Expanding Collaborative Horizons: Welcoming New Partners to the UM Brussels Hub

UM Brussels Hub

The Hub is happy to announce that two UM partners will join Maastricht University’s new shared office space in Brussels: the Management Office of the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Alliance and the Secretariat of the Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER). UM is a founding partner of YUFE and is currently chairing its Strategic Council; UM is also member of ASPHER through the Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences (FHML). Following the recent announcement of its relocation to Arts 47 in Brussels, the UM Brussels Hub has actively sought partnerships with Brussels-based organisations that were looking for shared office space in the European Quarter. This process has been carried out collaboratively with the Hub’s Sounding Board and with the support of the Maastricht University Office. The aim was to secure strategic partnerships in line with UM’s internationalisation policy and position as the European University of the Netherlands, aiming to generate synergies and strengthen networks with like-minded organisations. 

The Hub will be staffed by a Brussels-based team: a European Union (EU) Liaison Officer & Policy Advisor and a Communications Advisor & Community Manager.  Within UM, they will operate the Hub in close coordination with UM colleagues at central and faculty level. At the Hub, they will also work together with YUFE and ASPHER on strategic activities, drawing upon their combined knowledge, experience, and networks. Through this collaborative arrangement, all parties stand to gain from shared resources and expertise, with the Hub aiming to generate new synergies, nurture ongoing initiatives, and stimulate new activities. 

Maastricht University Brussels Hub brings UM closer to the European arena by building networks and facilitating community-led meetings, monitoring and advising on EU policy, positioning UM and advocating for its interests, and supporting EU research and innovation funding acquisition. This in turn provides UM staff and students with more opportunities and greater access to a wider audience. 

The consolidation of significant partnerships within the Hub highlights UM's commitment to strengthening its reputation as the European University of The Netherlands, while also demonstrating its dedication to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and cultivating a strong European presence.