Organisational structure

The Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) has two main tasks: to organise and carry out education and research. Ultimate responsibility rests with the Dean, who sits on the Faculty Board together with the three members for research and valorisation, education, and innovation and internationalisation. The board is advised by a democratically elected representation body, the Faculty Council.

All staff at FPN belong to one of the faculty’s five departments or the Faculty Office. Read on about the:

Faculty Council

The Faculty Board is advised by and consults regularly with a democratically elected representation body: the Faculty Council. The council advises the board upon request or of its own accord. It consists of ten members: four elected from the academic staff, one from the support staff , and five from the FPN students.

Academic staff

Michael Capalbo (chair)
Natasha Mason
Alicia Walkowiak
Bram Fleuren

Support staff Caroline van Loo
Student members

Hannah Finklenburg
Ernest van Nispen tot Pannerden
Nathan Lassen
Maike Hinrichs
Lilly Schröder


Marléon Vijgen

FPN Faculty Council meetings 2022/2023 | 15.30-17.30hrs



  • 22 september
  • 20 oktober
  • 17 november
  • 15 december


  • 19 januari
  • 16 februari
  • 16 maart
  • 13 april
  • 11 mei
  • 15 juni
  • 6 juli


The agenda and files can be found on the FPN intranet.

It’s possible to attend the public part of the Faculty Council meetings, in this case you’ll be present as observer. If you want to join, please send an email to marleon.vijgen[at]maastrichtuniversity[dot]nl no later than 2 days before the meeting. After approval you’ll receive an invitation with the time and location.

Programme Directors

The Programme Director coordinates and organises the preparation and execution of the study and examination programme of the corresponding programme(s). In this, he or she advises the Faculty Board on the content of programme and examination regulations, and, as board executive and advisor, is closely involved in the quality assurance of the programme.

Educational Programme Committee

The Educational Programme Committee provides advice on the amelioration and safe-guarding of the quality of the programme, including the OER. The committee consists of ten members: five staff members and five student members. See also:


Bram Fleuren
Katrijn Houben
Lotte Lemmens
Arie van der Lugt (voorzitter)
Wladimir van Mansum (secretaris)
Maarten Peters


Balahan Ersöz
Marvin Hottenbacher
Leonard Niekerken
Laura Reyes Torres
Pablo Wentz


Research Council

The Research Council is an advisory council to the Faculty Board on research related matters. 


  • Prof. dr. Sonja Kotz (Chair | NP&PP)

  • Prof. dr. Anne Roefs (CPS)

  • Prof. dr. Milene Bonte (CN)

  • Prof. dr. Ute Hülsheger (W&SP)

  • Prof. dr. Caroline van Heugten (Graduate School FPN)

Secretaris and contact person


Complaints Committee

A Complaints Committee is active at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN). Employees, students and third parties may direct their complaints to the committee concerning affairs the faculty is responsible for.

It concerns individual complaints about employee or student behaviour, and about the faculty, accommodation and the like. Complaints about matters that are included in other Faculty and UM regulations will not be dealt with by the Complaints Committee. Such matters include programme complaints or complaints by staff and students about unwanted behaviour  (My UM > Human Resources Management > Confidential Advisor's Office).

The Complaints Committee may take up to ten weeks to deal with complaints. At the end of that period, the complaint will be declared founded or unfounded by the dean. The process of submitting a complaint differs for students, and employees and third parties. Students should direct their complaint to the UM Complaints Service Point (CSP). Employees and third parties should direct their complaint to the chairman of the commission (verbal) and the dean (written).